Instant Book for hosts who will have to 'amend' the price after booking

If you charge a pet fee or have to collect local taxes (neither of which have an optional line item in the system) or in other words, for some reason have to increase the price after a traveler has 'instant booked" how would that work?

I just send a “change the reservation” request with a message saying why I am changing it. Sometimes it’s a pet, often it’s a second person that they didn’t put in the reservation request.

I include the tax in the original price and say so in my listing. This was the advice I got from Airbnb since I didn’t want to be collecting after the fact. We don’t allow pets here, as we already have cats.

Curious about why you are collecting taxes. Airbnb sends our 14% hotel tax directly to my city govnmnt.

They don’t collect taxes for MN hosts, at least not yet.


Airbnb collects the local taxes for relatively few of the 10’s of thousands of taxing authorities around the world. I advertise on other websites as well as on Airbnb. None of the others collect tax in my area, they have an optional line item on the invoice so I can list it and collect it myself. I collect and pay taxes separately to 2 entities, the state and the county. Airbnb now collects the state portion, leaving me to deal with the county on my own. So now it is actually worse than it was before. I have to deduct the amount I made from Airbnb on my state return and try to figure out how to collect the county portion without sounding like a scammer. I am dreading that somebody from the state notices that my state and county returns do not match and decides to audit me.

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