Instant book for a wedding?!?

Anyone have any experience with pre wedding groups?

I’ve been getting a few lately which I normally turn down because wedding normally mean parties and lots of people. I have a 4 person max.

Someone just booked for themselves and 3 bridesmaids and have now asked if a make up artists and photographer can come round?

Any advice? Do you think it’ll be ok or should I charge extra to use for photos etc…

Its pretty common for Asians to have pre wedding photo shoots and elaborate weddings, and very often they will have several bridesmaids and photographers come round. The make up artists and photogrsphers don’t normally stay overnight unless they are relatives. I just hosted one set of such guests and they left the place in perfect condition. Can’t say the same for other guest groups, but that was my experience. You might want to charge a bit extra for the utilities, as I imagine there will be a lot of electrical usage.

Ps: I don’t know if your guests are Asian but they do sound like it.

yes they are Asian, thank you for your feedback! i didn’t know this was a thing in asian culture!

maybe ill reply and something like say that’s fine to have makeup artists and photographer but i will have to charge an extra person fee.

Yup. And clarify that they are not shooting in your place, else you can expect them to move your furniture around.

What on earth makes them “sound” Asian? Many Americans have pre-wedding photo shoots and elaborate weddings too.


Pointless comment. The issue was already addressed. Have we sadly degenerated into a society where every word and every sentence has to be qualified and politically sensitive. I’m been forumming for years and this is the first forum where people literally tear apart my posts sentence by sentence and scrutinize for whatever crazy reasons. We are not politicians for god’s sake.

If someone can point me to another Airbnb hosting forum, I’ll gladly be out of here.

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Actually, it wasn’t a pointless comment. Posters here must remember that this site is read by a lot of people and is very popular. Many of these are people who are thinking of using Airbnb, either as guests or hosts. So it’s reasonable when a member points out that a certain type of guest behaviour happens in various cultures and not just one.

Yes, it was ascertained that the guests in this instance are Asian but other hosts/potential hosts have now been informed that this can happen with American guests too. (Also just about every nationality, I would think).

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Sure, corrected post below. Corrections in bold. I’ll remember to write like this for every post.

SOME CULTURES MAY have pre wedding photo shoots and monetarily elaborate weddings, and IN SOME INSTANCES they MAY POTENTIALLY have ONE OR MORE bridesmaids and ONE OR MORE photographers come round. The make up artists and photogrsphers MAY NOT stay overnight BUT IF they are relatives THE SCENARIO IS REASONABLY PLAUSIBLE. I just hosted one set of such guests ON 25.9.2018 and they left the place in REASONABLY SIMILAR condition. Can’t say the same for other guest groups, but that was my PERSONAL experience. You might want to charge a bit extra for the utilities, as there MAY POTENTIALLY be a lot of electrical usage ARISING FROM WEDDING PREPARATIONS.

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Very good. Pleasantly sarcastic but fun. Thank you :slight_smile:


Anyway to address the question seriously, which I thought I should, it’s because coconutuk sounds like she’s in the UK. If you were American or European why would you fly to the UK to have a wedding shoot. It’s possible, but seems unlikely to me. Asians on the hand, often fly overseas for the European/western scenery. Of course, everything is just guesswork, as I’ve said.


Me too. Destination weddings are quite a thing. Here in Fort Lauderdale we often get bridal parties coming here and it’s pretty big business catering to them. I imagine it’s the same in other beach locations. Sometimes these are from the UK and other cooler places as the ideal of exchanging vows on the beach with palm trees looking on is a nice bit of romantic stuff.

I think that in the UK Scotland is a popular destination for weddings - castles and so forth.

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I know, right. My wife has been pressing me for that long overdue photoshoot. I brush it off everytime! Figure when we both get too old and fat she will eventually drop the idea!

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I would not be scared of wedding guests. The party is always at the reception so I would not be concerned with it being at your place. They likely just want photos of them getting ready. The new trend is to take 1000 photos of the getting ready for the wedding.

Well said. I thought a couple of months ago there was a call out for people to tone down criticism, particularly of newbies, I listened. People can ask what they like. But it seems to have recently gone south again. If people don’t like the post then move on. Go spot clean a rug or something,