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Install safe like they have in hotels?

Would you install a safe like they have in hotels for the guests to put valuables in as an amenity? Or would that imply no confidence in the security of your own neighborhood, even if not true? This question is for a private apartment listing, not a shared situation.

My husband and I have been considering it. We’re planning to get one of those inexpensive fire safes they offer in many places and bolt it to the floor in a closet. And then depending on the cost will either get one where the keycode can be changed easily, or have a key attached to the keychain.

@somerair Don’t do it. I once asked a safe manufacturer why I didn’t see safes in newer hotels and he told me safes can be a lot of trouble; guests forget their combination, forget their valuables in the safe, etc. When I bought my first unit it came with a safe but I don’t make it available to guests.

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