Instabook pressure

So we got a call from air today asking what would it take to make all of our listings instant. We manage 2 cabins. And own a 6 room lodge with locks on each room and private baths. So we rent out in 1,3 or 6 room combos. Our 6 room is not instant book because it is too easy to doublebook.

Anyone else get a phonecall with a hard sell?

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Boy… there’s a few things I would tell them…




Oh man.


@AJVal -
Was it a “hard sell” to push you to turn on Instant Book, or just a question on what it would take for you to turn on Instant Book?
As a guest, I love instant book. No waiting around and worrying if I’ll get the place I want, or if my second choices will still be there if my request to book is not accepted. If I were AirBnB, I’d certainly be “reaching out” (phrase deliberately used) to see what the barriers are to Instant Book, and to see what could be done to fix those issues.


That’s very interesting!

I got a call 2yrs ago. Didnt feel pressured nor they pushed me to turn on IB. What are they gonna do…