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"Inquiry closed" notification

I received an inquiry last week and the guest had several questions about my proximity to another city. Just now I received a text that guest made other arrangements. So my question is this:

For all of the other inquiries, and I don’t receive this typ of notification…does that mean the guest did not book a place for those same dates through Air?

Not necessarily. When you’re in the position this guest is in air gives you the option of notifying the other hosts you contacted, but you can select not to. (Sorry, typing on phone. Typos abound)


Oh I see…thanks. So they were just polite people then.

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Interesting. I’ve never received a notification like that.

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This just happened to me last week for the first time. Guest raved about how lovely the place looks and asked about parking space. I responded back within 5 minutes letting her know there was plenty of space. A few hours later I got the “Inquiry closed” message. It worked out well because I received another booking request shortly thereafter for a longer stay, but it was nice knowing that she’d booked elsewhere.

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Sounds like this is Air’s new way of telling you “don’t wait up for this person to book”. There have been several inquiries that I thought were serious – lots of back and forth questions and answers, only to finally realize they weren’t going to book with me. I would have appreciated a “closed” notice.

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I just encountered this also for the first time 2 weeks ago.

Addendum: By coincidence I found out they booked another island (don’t think is on Airbnb), at a whopping $9,600 for the week vs $3100 with me. The islands are only 1 mile apart. Only difference they provide a live-in cook (which we also can for a lousy $50 a day) , and is run by an entity with a ‘famous’ name, but doesn’t compare in any other way (like no bugs, total privacy, surrounding sparkling atoll, etc). Their friends immediately booked with me the week they inquired about. I know what will happen , seen it before, they be sending pictures back and forth during their stay comparing the two places.

It’s not new - at least, I’ve had it a few times since last year. I actually don’t like it - it feels a bit like salt in a wound…

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I hope that live in cook is worth $6,500 - wow!!

How do I see what place my guest booked? Can I see that?

@cabinhost I didn’t see it, the other island called me and told me, we are friends, help each other… I got a kick out of the whole thing. It would be fun to be able to see what past inquirers did end up booking.

@dcmooney Aye, comes across at best , unnecessary.

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It’s not new. They’ve been doing this for years. Usually it means the guest was given the option to close out the other bookings they enquired on. It’s just a courtesy.

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