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A bit of trivia
Doors to bedrooms in the Victorian era opened in a way that did not completely expose the occupants/ bed to person / maid entering the room. The door shielded the room.
This also makes it harder to put furniture in there.:grinning:
My own Victorian homes demonstrate this.


How does the door (or the contractor who built the house) know where your bed is going to be situated?

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You’re right (again).

" Outward opening doors There are different methods depending on the type of door. If the door only has a knob or handle, secure it with an extension cord, necktie, or belt, and tie it to a nearby heavy object. If the door has a hinge at the top, you can wrap a belt around the hinge so it can’t open. If it’s a set of double doors, tie an extension cord or belt around the handles. If all else fails, you can pile heavy furniture in the doorway to create obstacles if the shooter does try to enter the room."


After Columbine I gave a lot of thought to what I would do in an active shooter situation. Some of my thoughts were seemingly ridiculous but no more so than the intolerable situation that exists necessitating such thoughts.


That’s because those things are usually impulse buys. They want you to go down that aisle first so you’ll purchase things that make your mouth water even though they weren’t on your shopping list. The same way they put the candy at child eye level at the check-out. Can’t tell you how much parents love having to deal with their kids whining and begging for the candy and gum that’s strategically placed, when all mom or dad want to do is check out and go home.