Informing guests about possible events

I didn’t want to use the word events, because it makes what I’m trying to explain sound a lot bigger than it is.

I host a private room that’s in a basement with a private entrance. To enter through my private entrance my guests have to walk along a pathway through my backyard.

Now with summer upon us I usually light up the grill and have a few friends over, we aren’t loud or intrusive on my guests and most times I will probably include my guests if the current guest is comfortable around a few strangers.

This had me think that it would be a good idea if we could note certain days on our calendars so guests could be aware of what’s happening, sort of like when booking at a hotel and they warn you that construction will be occurring and the noise could impact your stay. I wouldn’t want to block out an entire day and loose the revenue but small events, like bbqs, birthday celebrations, and even days when you might want to do yard work.

Maybe on those days I even offer $10.00 off my normal rate.

I think these events especially in my case would have little to no impact on guests but they would appreciate us passing along this information when they are deciding where to book.

What do you guys think?

When I had remodeling done I mentioned it in my listing. Unless your friends are making a lot of noise late at night you should not have to reduce the price. People should expect you to use your home and yard but mention it anyway. I frequently have guests over and if the air guest comes out into the house they are invited to join us. I’ve never had a complaint. Once I had some friends that I thought were being too loud and though I asked them to quiet down I finally told everyone to leave around 11pm. The next day the guest said they couldn’t hear anything.

One way to do that would be to tell the guest in the welcome email about the event.

You have to live your life! No need to tippy toe around the guests! Maybe just mention it when you accept the booking. Just so they are informed. I certainly wouldn’t reduce your price!

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How far is the private entrance from where the festivities will be taking place? I used to rent a basement apartment and my private entrance door opened directly to the back yard.

Does the guest open their private entrance door and then have to walk a ways down the pathway before they would encounter the get together? Or would they open their door and their would be 10 people sitting right in front of them?