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Info on Pillow.com


Am looking for any information on Pillow as well as answers to a couple of questions.
Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Could you tell us what your questions are?


I know a wee bit about pillows as my husband works for a company that sells all types of pillows. I’ve had almost every type of material pillow manufactured. I’ve had down, feather, latex, cool gel, synthetic etc… My personal favorite are the latex pillows but they can be very expensive, though they last years. Cool gel pillows tend to be cool initially - the time it takes to get to sleep but then the coolness wears off and it becomes a normal pillow heat like any other pillow. They are good to get you to sleep but if you wake up in the middle of the night they are just like any other pillow on the market. Hope this helps.


Hmm … nice info, but I have a feeling that Pillow.com is STR software!


I took Burma Park to be joking?


Me too :grin:
But given the forum join date / question date my first thought was that the OP might be a promotional post anyway and BurmaPark was playing along.


Well, I wasn’t sure … but given the fun I recently had with a group of Whatsapp friends when I innocently said I was going to Iceland on saturday and offered to bring something back for them, one friend waxed lyrical about the Geysers, the hot springs and the wonderful hospitality … and I had to point out sadly that I was talking about the British supermarket and frozen food shop that we have branches of in Spain rather than the newly-fashionable country …


I’m glad the subtlety was not lost! Cheers

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