'Infants' option for number of guests that doesn't count towards TOTAL Number!

I am besides myself!!! We just got an IB for next weekend and the guest count was 6 Adults and 3 Infants, we only allow 8 people total. Plus, we charge $50/person per day over 6 guests. I have never seen this ‘Infants’ option before, and yes I’m an evil person who charges for children, bc guess what they make messes and destroy things too. I had been warned by another host here in SF that AIr BNB has now decided Infants are free, but was skeptical. I now believe him!! How in the world does Air BNB think its okay to let people book and infinite amount of infants in my house that only accommodates 8 people?? I need a drink.


You have to change your settings now! Turn family friendly off!
I would call in to complain!

You might want to reconsider IB…!!!


I’m on the phone, and by that I mean ‘Hold’ with Air BNB right now. Its not fair that I would have to turn off family friendly, which we are, because Air Bnb will let a ridiculous amount of ‘kids’ stay for free.


I agree! That should be up to the HOST!!! You might have to go off IB!!! I knew this 'improvement" would be a can of worms!

UGH. IB is great for 2 of our 3 properties. Here’s a shock Air Bnb CS has no clue! LOL Why do we do this again??

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I’m ready to quit, LOL
I’m closed for remodeling and just in time. Having guests is so draining!


Hang on a minute — Air have decided that infants are free? How can that be? Our rental is completely unsafe for young children. Our homeowners’ association doesn’t allow young children. And what’s an infant anyway? Under 3? Under 6? Babe-in-arms?

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We would be too if it weren’t for the $$$. Obviously with 3 properties we are beyond committed, but I’m SO over Air BNB

@jaquo Yes, that is exactly what is happening, if you are on IB. We also had family friendly checked in our amenities bc yes we are child friendly if you pay! However, guests can bypass paying by saying their children are ‘Infants’ and of course there is no definition of what and infant is, it is up to the guest discretions. This current guest had sub 1 years old twins and a 3 year old!

Air BNB help was shockingly not helpful. They have never seen this as it is a new feature.

I’m now in the conundrum of what do we do. I sent the guest a request for the extra person fee, which I’m sure they will deny, but do I really want to use one of my IB cancels for this? Also, the date is next weekend, the longer the days are blocked on the calendar the less likely I am to find some one to rent. OH, the perils of hosting. Momma needs a drink!!


Yes… but this will only be a worry for you if you have Family Friendly checked.

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I am drinking red wine @azreala - I’ll pour one for you. Yes, I’m on IB and it’s worked well - so far!

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@konacoconutz - thank goodness. I don’t have Family Friendy checked. I was panicking there for a moment…

@jaqou but why should I not have family friendly checked, when our properties are indeed family friendly? Only because Air BNB now allows as many kids as possible to stay for free, that isn’t fair. Also, I’m not sure it has anything to do with Family Friendly, that is just the assumption at this point.

And to think I was going to go to the gym…not anymore!! Wine please!

The overwhelming concern is that someone can book MORE than the number of allowable guests. That is crazy!!


UPDATE: Guest doesn’t want to pay the extra person fee bc the AIR BNB website says kids stay free! LOL

Here is the actual excerpt from the Air Bnb Website, it says the hosts decided about the fee:

Look for Family/Kid Friendly listings

If a host adds Family/Kid Friendly as an amenity, this implies that infants, children, and families are welcome in their listing. You’ll still need to disclose the total number of guests, including infants and children, accurately when making a reservation request.

You can also ask questions or clarify the details of your trip with your host by clicking Contact Host before submitting a reservation request. For example, if your host charges an extra guest fee, you may want to check if the fee applies to infants or children traveling with you.


I specifically have it written within the first few sentences that my listing is appropriate for up to 2 adult guests and I will never ever check family friendly!


What a nightmare! I just unchecked Family Friendly. UGH. Why would it ever be acceptable to have more people than the MAX number inputted by the host.

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Here’s what I wrote last Tuesday on the airbnb page on Facebook

“Hi folks - I’m a HUGE airbnb fan - travelling as a guest since 2010, and hosting for the last two years. I’ve had almost universally excellent experiences and I’ve encouraged many many people to join up.
However, there’s an issue I’ve come across which I’m very unhappy about and I think needs a heads-up for hosts, and a big shout out to airbnb - children, babies, and pets and the change in policy regarding their stays.
My place is an adult space, top floor flat, no lift, glass furniture, sash windows (fully opening), table and standard lamps, and silk cushions etc. Not child friendly, in fact, frankly unsafe for wee ones, and vulnerable to heavy wear&tear from children, and nuisance factor for neighbours if children’s natural effervescence is unleashed there! As an asthmatic, I am sensitive to pet hair. So no pets, or small children. No exceptions. And yet…
…There is a new approach to 0-2s, and in the booking process a seeming invitation to add children or a pet! Yesterday I was booking to stay in an airbnb for an overnight trip. I’d searched for places for two - my husband and I, then as I went on to complete the request via a screen and drop box was asked how many children I planned to bring, and how many infants - with the helpful encouragement that they weren’t ‘counted’ as part of the fee! This by the way, is a place stating it has one bed, accommodates two people, is in a family home (ie not stand alone/entire space) and it has the pets and family-friendly amenities crossed out. WHAT ARE AIRBNB THINKING OF?! Sorry to shout, and I know people are already saying this, but since I just saw for myself how bonkers this is I felt the need to weigh in.
We have got to stop this - having worked so hard to get off to the right start with guests with ensuring they’ve accurate expectations of our place, I strongly object to this unwelcome, unworkable, and frankly unsafe development. PLEASE - will the powers-that-airbn-be can reflect and have a rethink?! Please. This is important.”


And here’s what they said:

“Hello Cathy, thanks a lot for your feedback on this matter. We appreciate and value the opinion of the Airbnb community. Airbnb is constantly changing in order to improve the guests and hosts experience and we welcome any feedback that could help us develop a better product. Rest assure that we will forward your message to our product specialists. Thanks Cathy”

@caiti THANK YOU!!! Even if you are family friendly, which we are, it is beyond not fair to let people book extra people and pets FOR FREE!!!

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