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Individual day prices are not updating after October 10th

I just wrote the following via Twitter to Airbnb Help.

Hi. I just noticed that prices for Oct 10th and later don’t change when I don’t change my base price. It’s stuck at 1950. Why? This is BAD. My listing is http://towerroom.net .

Has anyone noticed anything like this, and what am I missing, if anything? I think I manually blocked those days and then opened them, but I don’t see why that would make a difference.

If I was an observant person, I would have noticed this before. Now, this is why I don’t ;use Instant Book.

Could be a part of the memo that Air sent about changing base fee or something that went into effect yesterday. I went ahead and selected whole months of this year and next, and set the base fee to the number I want to the tourist season and off season. I’m not using Air’s Smart Pricing or any other automatic pricing scheme ever again. It’s very little work to select all of a month, set the base price, and repeat with the next month. It took me about 15 minutes to price out all of 2017.

What did that memo say? I didn’t get anything. And shouldn’t all the open days update when you change base price?

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