Increasing number of guests that have no reviews

It seems that I am getting more and more reservation requests from people that have 0 reviews. These are not just newbies, these are people who have been signed up with ABB for at least a year or two. One was a guy that has been a member since 2014. Seems like there is also an increasing # of travelers with no photo and only 2 verifications. Anyone else noticed this?

I’ve always had those. And happily, none have been a problem for me.

Quite often having an account for ages doesn’t mean much. For example, my other half has had an account since 2014 (I think) but we didn’t travel using it until September 2017. I’ve had lots of guests where both members of a couple have had individual accounts.

I once had not-very-good guests who were new but all the other new, unreviewed, unpictured guests have been fine. In fact, my guest who left this morning had a photograph of a lovely cute puppy as her profile pic. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been a member since 2014 but don’t have any reviews for being a guest. I knew when I bought the condo it would be awhile before I could afford to travel. Maybe 2019 will be the year!


I have been a member for 3 years and have one Guest review.

We are the same, we’re members as guests but we rarely use the system as a guest. So no reviews.

And we’ve also been getting more “new to Air” guests inquiring.

Our feeling is… If a person emailed you directly and booked, you’d have the same amount of info on him/her as if he’d booked through Air but had no reviews.

And knowing how the review system can be skewed (everyone wants a good review so everyone wants a good review) how reliable are reviews anyway?

When we started as managers, we had no reviews on any of our 20 properties at the beginning. Yet we were almost immediately slammed with rentals. From that perspective, how important are reviews to renters? I’m sure they would not rent a place with bad reviews, but they took a chance on us when we had no reviews!

Now we have over 150 reviews and a 4.9 star overall rating (why is “location” a part of owner rating? that’s another discussion!). As a percentage / average, technically, we’re about as busy now as that very first month.

also, we’ve had five star renters mess up and no star renters leave the place immaculate.

To us, no reviews doesn’t mean anything other than they haven’t used Air, but want to be able to.