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Incorrect address in LOCATION & on confirmation details

For some reason the settings may have changed in the Map section of the Location section of 2 of our listings as now the address does not come up on the ‘Confirmation’ details that guests can print off. We worked out that the map pin, that is supposed to show the location of our listings, is not in the right place but we have tried, maybe 30 times to move it to show our correct address without success. If we try to edit the address, a small box pops up to say that we cannot change the location of our listing. (this makes me laugh at the thought of moving at 1860 town house up the street).

Anyway, I have had a dialogue with Diogo at Airbnb and he has tried his best to sort this problem out but it is now over a week that our listing does not have our full address on the guests confirmation details.
We first became aware of this problem when guests arrived and showed us their details, which I emailed to airbnb. They had the name of our listing, which doesn’t include our house name and the first line of the address they had was ‘High street’ High Street’ as I pointed out to Diogo to try to find a bedroom in a high street is not an easy thing to do with one hundred houses to choose from!
We have even sent him the correct coordinates of our listings, in decimal form, which he asked for, but he still hasn’t been able to resolve the problem. This was not a problem that we had in the past.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to resolve it as I’d like to help Diogo find a solution, so that he can enjoy a good nights sleep in true Airbnb fashion!

Many thanks

If Diogo can’t solve it, he needs to escalate the problem.
A few ideas. If you haven’t already, try it on a different device. Mobile app, laptop with different browsers, clear cookies, history, cache, etc.
Use twitter to contact @AirbnbHelp. If you are not on twitter you may find it’s a pretty baffling platform. I use tweetdeck on my laptop. It’s a little easier to use. @AirbnbHelp will get right back to you. They seem to prefer DM, direct message, to keep personal details private.


Hi @Kamakshi,

At the risk of stating the obvious, create a small information sheet about your listing, including, at a minimum, address, directions, and possibly a map. And you could put other stuff about your listing in there too, of course. Save this as a PDF. Then email it to your guests as a PDF attachment after they book via the Airbnb messaging sytem. This isn’t guaranteed to work. I’ve had problems with it not getting through at all, or with the attachment being scrubbed. But I do know that Airbnb doesn’t attempt to censor the PDF. If they could do that, it would quite an impressive trick.

Anyway, if that doesn’t work - get your guest’s email address and email it to them directly, not through the Airbnb messaging system.

Bottom line - don’t depend on Airbnb, and especially not their platform, any more than you have to.

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