#inclusive# tagging in your listing

In light of the recent press airbnb has gotten related to active discrimination by some hosts. I commend Airbnb for their activism in trying to get ahead of this and promote and educate hosts to actively be aware and not engage in these discriminatory practices. As a Airbnb host myself for units in New York, I will actively state #inclusive# in my listing to publicly acknowledge we are aware, we stand against it, and my properties in particular will always be inclusive. Please join me if you feel the same, by inserting #inclusive# somewhere in your listing in solidarity.

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I don’t think this is necessary.

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Nice idea and costs nothing to do, and will mean something to those affected and perhaps actively looking for such words.

I’ve recently decided I can no longer host guests with insufficient English… I therefore am unsure about this tag on my profile regretfully

Understand the concern around language. Im American and travel often to places where i dont have a strong command on the local language. Im happy that hosts in those countries try to work with me and take 5 minutes to use translation software to improve the conversation and support cultural connections.

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Haha of course Mallory but I’ve been stung too much lately. I too travel a lot and don’t always speak the lingo… im sad at having to have had to make this decision but there we are.

Recently had a situation where we were stood side by side using google translate and the translations meant nothing to me and I could see my words didn’t make sense to him when translated into his language. I don’t have a simple listing so regretfully I will no longer be able to host those with limited English …