Inbox completely messed up?


We have two listing and under each of them, the Inbox messages are limited or from a few months ago. All the recent interaction is gone.

Also, I noticed one review today was written like it was a complete other apartment. He clearly state at the end it’s in another city.

Is it just me having that bug today?

Sounds like something you need to call airbnb about @thinktwice

Yes, actually I found out our Co-Hosts account was removed by Airbnb for TOS… they manage 60+ appartments and when I tried to reach them, the girl said:

“I don’t know what is going on”.

I reply: "Did you call Airbnb? Your account is compromised, and I can’t see or respond to new messages as your banned account interacted with them.

“Calling now.”

I was like, how can that be possible? You run a business with 60+ apartments, compromising everybody including the guests experience and you did not call Airbnb YET?!

Anyway finally she said Airbnb will email them. Hmm not good news if it needs to be explained by email.

Now I’m a panic mode as I don’t know what will happen. I will call Airbnb tomorrow to make sure I can at least communicate with my guests if they don’t fix their stuff. What a mess.

I would call them now. Waiting isn’t going to help.

I could hardly do anything when all of this was due to my Co-Hosts been removed of Airbnb for breaking the Terms of Services.

Now everything is back to normal. Airbnb did a mistake and my Co-Hosts are back to business. :slight_smile:

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Are you listed under their account @thinktwice?

@Helsi No, they are simply listed as my Co-Hosts under my account.

But since they manage most discussions, etc… but during the time they were removed, everything went blank, as they were active in each discussions with the guests.