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Improve a space with no bathroom


I have small space for rent, bunk bed design, in the center of city, transportation and access is a big advantage. However the problem is the space has no bathroom. Even though I give my guests nearby spa tickets for each day staying, the booking is not increasing much. Do you have any suggest to improve my space and attract more guests?


You need a bathroom. You can get away with no kitchen but a bathroom is essential. Can they share one with you?


Agree… you have to share your bathroom or take the property off the site. Actually, I think, in the TOS you are required to have a working, accessible restroom? A spa ticket wouldn’t do it for me. What happens if they have to go in the middle of the night? I would never book a place with no bathroom, no matter where it was, no matter how good the price.


It has a toilet. no showering. What i do is giving them spa (sauna, hot springs) ticket everyday, I hope it is a good compensation, however I found out Spa is not good for traveler especially people go in group from 2. As this Spa is men and women separated so they have to reduce time of other plan for the Spa but can not enjoy it together, not mention people have different preference for Spa. And this is absolutely doesn`t not work for couple travelers too. All people came to me is single travelers, groups of 2 women.
So I really want to find out the way to improve the situation (I can not place a bathroom)…Please help me. Thank you so much!


I’d consider a place without a shower, but only at an extreme discount, even with a nearby (how close is “nearby” by the way?) spa ticket. I’m sure a lot of others would consider that a deal killer though.

How difficult would it be to just add a small, basic shower in the bathroom? Is there a sink? Can you share pictures and/or a link to your listing?



You are asking alot from people if you think that many will book a place of accommodation, no matter how short a stay without full washing facilities.

It is pretty much a human right in the majority of the first world (and probably everywhere else) to be able to wash either before bed or in the morning. Without that ability, I would say 99% of people would keep away from your offering.

I would suggest that people on a one nights stay for business do not want to go to their job or meeting the next day without a shower and most certainly would not have the time to go down the local spa to get ready in the morning!

People on holiday, may be ok with it but after a long days travel or sightseeing in the sun, they want to wash off the days sweat. And whilst walking back down the hall in a shared dormitory situation is unthinkable for most… having to walk down the street in your towel to get back to your room, is not even a slight consideration.

If you want to rent your place, you have to offer a minimum of a bath or shower.

I dont know why you are adverse to putting either in to your property, or allowing them to share yours. But it will be the ONLY way to see even an inkling more bookings for your place. There is NO other way around it.

That really is the best help you can give yourself.

Ask yourself the question: would you book a place without a bath or shower, in ANY situation?


Hi Alex,

I am not quite following you. Do you have a shower for yourself? If so, is it located in your bedroom?

I have never bathed in hot springs so please forgive my ignorance. Does everyone have to get nude in front of each other? If so, then people may not be booking because many are modest and aren’t comfortable getting naked with strangers. However, I can see many young males not having a problem with this at all. And some people are perfectly fine not needing to shower every single day.

I think some may enjoy the “adventure” of bathing in the hot springs. How far away is it from your place?

Are hot springs a really awesome experience? If so, I would highlight that part in your listing description. Try to turn it into a positive, new experience. Isn’t that what Airbnb is about anyway? My mom is in her sixties. It sounds like something she would enjoy, and the sauna too. She bathes at night so I could see her looking forward to this every evening, after a long day of sight seeing. Are there certain hours the spa is open?


Cabin is right. Maybe market it as a spa adventure. You don’t say where you are located. But is it a city known for exotic things like hot springs?

I recently stayed in a capsule hotel in the center of Tokyo. Considering that city is one of the most expensive destinations in the world, the capsule hotel only cost $30 USD per night and had an all women’s floor with showers and shieshiedo bathing products. Because I knew it was an adventure I had to be ready for anything. I found the shower room crowded at night and empty in the morning… So shower rooms by their nature are unpredictable.


My place is in the center of Tokyo, it is next to the biggest station of Tokyo too. I live in another place so can not share bathroom. The Spa is men and women separated and you will be nude in front of each other. For men not, as you are going to sauna and you can have towel. It is 6 mins walk from my place, 24h open. Now all people booking my place is single travelers and group of all men or women. That makes sense because they can enjoy Spa together. But in this situation, my renting market is limited a lot and what I am looking for the way to widening it, make my place suitable with more guests:) I am thinking about make it a shared house for single travelers with lower price, how do you think?
This is my place https://www.airbnb.jp/rooms/6562145


Okay. I looked at your listing. I think you really need to highlight the positive aspects of the spa. I saw a collage of spa pics in the beginning and then one on picture 61. You have a lot of pictures for such a small apartment. I know this is unsolicited advice, but I think you should use the pics to highlight the excellent location, and any other advantages there are by staying in your place. Many of the pictures are focusing on unimportant details. I loved you showing the famous Ramen restaurant that was next door, and the public transportation. I would focus on more of those things, as it is very helpful to guests to know the distance to places.

What are rates like compared to local hostels? If you were to open the single room and rent the beds to different travelers, then they are basically staying in a hostel without a shower. But I would be careful with that idea. You won’t have any control over how these guests will interact with each other. If someone is snoring loudly all night, or coming in late and making noise, then it will be reflected in your reviews. Basically your guests are going to be reviewing their stay with possible obnoxious guests. Not good.

Is it common for small apartments in Japan to not have a shower? Do many residents of Japan use spas to shower every day? If this is common, then I would explain that is part of the culture. I think many would find that interesting. Obviously I do, as I am asking all of these questions.

How much would it cost a traveler to use the spa if they paid the spa directly? I guess I am trying to figure out if this spa is considered a luxury or if this is just a communal place to bathe. Are you purchasing these tickets yourself or do you have a spa membership, and you can allow anyone for free? For example, you could advertise that the tickets normally cost $10 each, but all of your guests receive complimentary tickets. Everyone loves free things.

Can I look up the spa on the internet? I would like to see it. You may want to list it in your description so guests can view it.

Also, I really wouldn’t be concerned with groups not being allowed to bathe together. They have the entire day and night to spend together. And it will give them opportunity to meet new people, if they are separated. Honestly, I would prefer to be naked in front of strangers. There is no way I am getting naked with my friends, nor my family. I am an american female and I would think the majority of us prefer privacy when bathing (except when it is with our significant other). I’m sure other cultures are different.

Are there any private showers in the spa? I saw one small picture of a shower but I could not tell from the image, whether it is private or not.


Alex, you are right… the location is good… having JUST been to this very area, I would have to say that Shinjuku Station is a very overwhelming place for newcomers to Tokyo. And you have to compete with a capsule hotel that is only 2000 yen for men and 3600 for women… Please see: http://capsuleinn.com/. This is where I stayed. Because the women have their own floor and brand new shower room facilities, I think I would choose the capsule over your place JUST based on price alone… and because it has a shower room with private shower stalls for women. (For the men, this is a communal bathing room is on a separate floor). For the women, it’s all on one floor with a locked security door.)

I think in your case, you must lower the price to compete with the capsule. It’s got to be under say 2500 yen per night… Just my humble opinion, as I just stayed in the area. And loved the capsule, BTW!

Here’s some photos from the capsule!



I want to stay in a capsule hotel now! Does it keeps the sounds out pretty well? If so, waaaaaay better than a hostel. BTW- what was 2000 YEN equivalent to in dollars?


According to MSN Money, 2000 Yen equals 16.12 US Dollars right now.


Cabin… it was a total hoot! So you make the reservation online (they don’t take payment in advance) and you show up at the desk. They assign you a locker off the shower room…with a key…and then you have to take your shoes off in the lobby and store them in a cubby. Then you are assigned a capsule on the women’s floor… you get the door combo and then put your suitcase in their storage area. They give you a robe and slippers (since your shoes are downstairs)… and then you can crawl into your capsule! There’s zero tolerance for any kind of noise… you feel like you are in a convent because everyone’s walking around silently. Even taking a photo with my digital camera made too much noise! It’s mostly Japanese girls who book the capsule to go job hunting. The men are on a whole other floor. Their bath house is located on another floor so more inconvenient! They have a higher rate on the weekend… but YEAH… our exchange rate is favorable right now.

The only downside is that you have to check out at 10 sharp. They play a chime at 9:00 and make the announcement that everyone must leave by ten. So even if you are staying multiple days, you’ll be assigned a different capsule … As I said SHEISHEIDO (sp) bath products, shampoos, oils and lotions… all free. Hair dryers. The women’s floor is nice, the men’s not so much… Free wifi too… a lounge on the 6th floor and TVs in every capsule… :slight_smile: I slept like a log and didn’t feel claustrophobic! Good locations too…Right in the heart of Tokyo!

I don’t mean to hikack Alex’s post, but this is what he’s up against and that is why I say, his fee of 4800 is a lot when you can get the capsule for so cheap. In this photo you can see the TV behind me… also there’s a little radio too, very nifty!


Thanks so much for sharing Kona! That’s my type of hostel…silence and complete privacy.

Okay Alex. So you do have some positives compared to the local hotel capsule. Your place does have cooking facilities, you sleep up to three people, your guests are free to make a normal level of noise, and they don’t have to check out at 10 a.m. every morning.

I think you’ll do well if you market the benefits of the spa and highlight your location. Those attracted to your place are likely to be open minded and not set on a tight schedule. Also, on picture number 8 it says you don’t have a bathroom, but provide free spa tickets. I would remove that part, as they may not realize at that point that there is a toilet in your place. They may see “no bathroom” and assume that means no toilet.


Cabin…those are great suggestions for Alex. It’s true that not everyone will love the capsule. Some might feel a bit claustrophobic and have trouble getting in and out of the them (if you are older or have any sort of disability, for example). It’s not for everyone. Plus you have to check out every day, even if you are staying more than one night. So that’s one real bothersome inconvenience. Maybe Alex can talk about how having a private shower in this part of Tokyo is unusual and kind of a luxury. But I still think his place is priced too high.


It is not a space with no bathroom, which would be ridiculous for overnight accommodations in a major city (or practically anywhere else, I would think). You do have a bathroom, with a toilet and sink only, but no bath tub or shower. As long as you fully and clearly reveal this you should do well with travelers who are OK with that, and having access to a nearby spa. I would not expect any long term guests… Was this originally a break room for employees of the building? I cannot imagine an apartment designed without, at least a shower.


Thank you everyone for your ideas. I am sorry that I was on a vacation in an island without internet so I could not catch up with you guys sooner.
I really agree with making the photos focus more on the advantages, I am showing too much unimportant things. And I will also adjust number 8 photo to note that there is a toilet. I understand that this price 4800 is alot but it already includes 1600 for Spa ticket (i have to buy the ticket with 1600 yen each). I will also takes the idea of showing the price of tickets to show guests they get it free. http://www.hgpshinjuku.jp/en/hotel/ This is the Spa. This Spa has private showers, you will only get naked infront of others when using hot spring facilities. For man no need to be naked as you can use towel in sauna room.
I have to say that Japan is like most other place, not common for a resident to not have bathroom. Using Spa to shower is just because my place is very near to the Spa (6 mins walking)
I did a research of rooms around Shinjuku (my area), some offer private rooms which have equal or little bit higher price, the rooms are nice and HAVE bathroom. Other dormitaries also offer cheaper price with bathroom, and also the very good quality capsule hotel with cheaper price. So I can see I have a lot of strong competitors, I think I still have acceptable booking rate because it is traveling season, my area is famous and crowded, so guests do not have much choice. (I opened in July, half of July and half of August was booked)
However, I was always thinking that guests will choose my place for short stay but according to around 1/2 month of July and August booked, they mostly stay for a week and happy to go to Spa everyday. I really do not understand that.
So what I can do now is highlight my advantages. However, I still have no idea for long term development of my renting place. Low down the place and turn it to dormitary is not really possible as now the spa’s cost is ¥1600 so what is get from guest is just ¥2400/day


I am totally agree with @konacoconutz that the capsule hotel is a strongest competitor, the only inconvenient thing about capsule is you have strict check out time and have to move out everyday. But it still suitable for short stay and low budget guests than my place
Thank you @cabinhost for making me understand more about my advantages;)


This could be typical of Tokyo! Especially in the dense area where Alex is located. Shinjuku station is the busiest subway station in the world. So at least he is trying to come up with a way to make it marketable…

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