Important Legal Update for Miami Beach FL Airbnb Hosts

I have not extensively researched this and I dont hosts on Miami Beach, but this is a 100% reliable source and big news concerning the City of Miami Beaches excessive and now illegal fines against host. Kudos to the host who took on the City.

National Law Review

Worth looking into further if you have considered the beach for hosting.

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This isn’t exactly new news - the decision was handed down two months ago, on October 7. It does not mean that all short term rentals are legal in Miami Beach.

This article explains the impact of the ruling in more detail:

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Also discussed here by @sobepuppy.

Well now my town wants to shut me down

The Appeals decision is expected to uphold the trial Court’s striking of the ban, decision should be issued by April. The City has already openly stated they will not comply, is still enforcing the law at question, and Airbnb started enforcing the geo-fencing & removed listings that didn’t have a City issued BTR. I know multiple people who had their listings removed for not having BTR / being in the geofences zones. So despite the developing law supporting the right to STR, the City is still going to be throwing hurdle after hurdle at hosts & in the interim Airbnb is complying with the City. It’s also not clear how, or what mechanism will be in place for people whom the law says can STR but are located in the geo-fenced zones that are current prohibited by the city - the city is not going to change the law without a major fight / feet dragging & road blocking.

The mayor and majority of the commissioners are funded by a PAC who’s largest donor is the largest land developer / hotelier in the City. And while they zone areas to restrict STRs, they allow this developer exemptions to the zoning law that’s enabled him to start building a new condotel which in addition to the hotel rooms, will have legal STRs- all in a zone who’s surrounding buildings can’t do STRs…