Immediate help from an Airbnb host

Hi guys! I am having a lot of trouble, as you may imagine, with the airbnb site. I have created a listing, and already have pending payouts, but can’t go beyond selection of payout method. The site has a bug, and it’s something on their end, but I wonder if it’s something with my browser or computer in particular, because I have been able to do this in the past from a different location. Can someone PLEASE log in with my username and password and try to add a payout method for me, I will also give you my payoneer username and password, and I will change both later on. I just need to fix this immediately, and I have yet to receive an answer from the tech department, and I have been calling them and writing for days. Can anyone please help me?

Thanks a million,


Hi @Bosko,

I’d try a different browser and/or computer. Have you tried contacting Airbnb via Twitter?

And can you be a little more explicit about what is going wrong, please? Describe what you are doing in detail, and what you are seeing in return, including error messages, if any.

I don’t recommend giving your username/password for anything to strangers over the internet. You have no way of knowing what they will do with it.


I don’t know I’m slightly reminded of emails from Nigeria telling me 1,000,000,000 is waiting to be deposited into my account.

@Bosko you have my sympathy but there isn’t a single person who will log into your account for you; you need technical support. Good luck !


The same thoughts entered my mind…


Cynical minds think alike :wink:


You mean I didn’t help someone with their Nigerian inheritance??!!