Im leaving airbnb why? any opinions on

i have been renting my cottages 7-8 years? i started using airbnb about 3 years ago. i dont get as much for my place as i once did as my lake town is catching on. All it takes is some newbie who doesnt realize the costs to drive the price down. also i used to only rent by the week. i get considerable higher quality guests from cottageportal and others.

My last guests gave me 3 * ratings(total crap also. I had all brand new sheets and linen and guest says were tattered) i had just done 5K in renos. She said i had an ‘attitude’ (long story wont bore you)

airbnb gave me a warning to get reviews up or i would be cancelled! Bad rating are super rare for me.

i contacted airbnb and some of what she said was blatent lies. rooms just had mattress on the floor?! old linen? they told me too bad so sad.

So I take it some of her comments were accurate? :thinking:

If you’re getting better guests/reviews (and presumably more money) through other booking platforms, then I guess there’s no need for you to use Airbnb. :woman_shrugging: