I'm in need of a rant!

I woke up at 7.30 am yesterday to an IB for that night, which came through at 1.40 am. The booking was made for one person only, not the two people she said were staying. I asked her to therefore amend the booking for two people, accompanied by my usual mantra of this being our home, other guests staying, check-in/out times etc.

No response for three hours. In the meantime I spotted that the account holder used a different name on her (brief) message. I called CS to discuss, with Air concluding for me that they would cancel the booking without penalty, on the grounds that it was “uncomfortable”.

An hour and a half later, just before our IB cut off time, I received another booking from a different account holder. Again, this stated for two people but only booked for one. I sent a similar message about amending the booking to two people, including my mantra. This was done with alacrity and that they would check-in at 5 pm.

I confess I wondered if it was the same couple, using a different account, but tried to calm myself that one was based in the North of England (allegedly…) and the other on another continent.

5 pm came and went. They were walking The White Cliffs, sightseeing. and it was a lovely day yesterday. I understood, but warned them that the visitors entrance closed at dusk.

8 pm. Telephone call to say they are lost in Dover, can we call them a taxi. Done. A two mile journey.

9.30 pm they arrive, bringing food back with them. What happened to the taxi we booked for you? Oh, we were hungry and went into Nandos. We forgot.

Originally they seemed hapless, then I began to feel that they were expecting me to Mother them. " we need to collect our luggage in the morning, we left it in Dover, then we can shower and have breakfast before leaving. Can you book us a taxi".

I offered them (stupidly with hindsight) a check-out at 11 am, instead of 10 am, given that the clocks went forward 1 hour for British Summer Time.

This morning: 2 messages and three phone calls to get him out of bed, whilst the taxi sits outside waiting at 8.30.

Breakfast ready, as agreed, at 10 am. They appear in pyjamas at 10.30 am. By now I am feeling more Matronly than Motherly, and made it clear they should leave at 11 am, as I have new guests tonight (not…). They left their rooms at 11.30, then sat in the kitchen whilst waiting for another taxi that he hadn’t thought of booking first time around until 12 md. Grrr.

They left their rooms and bathroom in a dreadful state too, and I have rarely been so glad to see people f-off!

So far, I have had a request to review the first booking, even though it was cancelled and they didn’t stay. Strangely, it includes both of their names and I now have proof that the second booking, from a different account, was for the same people.

Air CS assure me that I will get a request to review the second booking. When she heard how dreadful they have been, she told me to enjoy leaving them one each!

My dilemma. They have told me that they are travelling around the country staying in Airbnbs, booking at the last moment on IB. Half of me wants to wait to review at the last minute, the other half feels for the Hosts they may foist themselves on if I don’t provide a warning.

Any thoughts?

Review immediately, truthfully, and concisely. Not as long as your story to us, as well done as that was.


Here’s your review:

Cannot recommend Guests. They tried multiple bookings for the wrong # of guests, were horrible at communications, took every advantage they could get, disobeyed House Rules, wanted Mothering, and left our listing a mess. Gormless!


I think you should review them now on both accounts with the thumbs down. You want to warn other hosts NOW. It doesn’t sound like you have a bad review to worry about since you said yes to all their requests and they strike me as the type of entitled guest who is so oblivious they actually were pleased by their demands being met.


The timing doesn’t really matter since they won’t publish until the 14 days unless they review you. I don’t think they will block them from being able to IB while they are in a non published status so, perhaps wait. Sadly.


I agree with @Militaryhorsegal that the review is unlikely to post since they probably won’t review you. And yes, in this case I would leave both reviews making clear their duplicity in booking. Go ahead and leave them ASAP in hopes that they will be that sort of clueless person who just can’t wait to see what wonderful things you had to say about them.


There is just one SERIOUS sting in all people here advising to leave two reviews: They will write one review, read the host’s review, and will still have the opportunity to go FOR THE KILL in their second review. This truly is a crazy situation :confounded::tired_face::exploding_head:.
@Joan, this is really a horrible situation. I don’t have an immediate solution, but do thoroughly think about any options. Last minute reviews are an option, but it just happened to me twice that I missed the deadline :smirk:.


I didn’t think of that. Unfortunately there isn’t much OP can do to warn immediate future hosts in that case.

Write the first review saying this guest booked, didn’t answer questions and as a consequence was cancelled. Then wait and see what happens. The sting is that two reviews hurt a guest with few or no reviews more than a host with lots of good reviews so it’s a double edged sword. But as we said, it’s probably moot point. If @Joan gets notice that they left a review then that could change things.


Wonder if they’re headed up my way (North Wales), if so I am at least pre-warned. :slight_smile:

FWIW if a guest asked me to book them a taxi I would just respond with the telephone numbers of a couple of local taxi firms for them to book it themselves. That way if/when the mess the taxi driver about it doesn’t come back to me if I try to book with them again in the future.


Thank you @GutHend. My thoughts are heading in this direction too, but as I have " healed " myself in the pub next door for the evening, I will rethink a t’manyana.

And my thanks to all.

Time for bed!


I do usually give people a taxi number but we had to find out where they were" lost" in Dover from them. We have a faithful one-man-band driver, utterly reliable but it seemed easier for me to describe their whereabouts than get them to do it. He wasn’t available later Sunday morning and Mr J called the number of another firm he has on his phone. I think he was just desperate to get them out!

I’ve woken up to a review from the second booking that’s come in overnight, but nothing from the cancellation. Gutend’s prescience is frightening :open_mouth:

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Is the @TheInsider still around? Can’t Joan call AirBnB to let them disable the possibility for reviewing for the canceled reservation?

I did ask them this yesterday, after I realised what had happened, and it was a resounding “no”.

Truly a double bind/double blinder.

I would leave bad reviews on both of their accounts. Unlike guest reviews, host reviews get the option of leaving a Public Remark on Airbnb AFTER their host review has posted. If they post something bad, you can always redirect with telling guests what they did in leaving a bad review.

Both guests and hosts can respond to the reviews they AFTER so I’m not sure what you mean there but yes, honest reviews always.

@Joan, how did you manage this case in the end? Two, one, no review? Did AirBnB do anything for you?

I’m currently also experiencing a ‘situation’ where we are at risk of receiving 2 (or even 3) bad reviews. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Sorry to hear this is happening to you. It’s truly a painful dilemma.

The second (successful…) booker left me a review two days after they stayed, the cancelled one didn’t. I therefore waited until the 14 day last moment, reviewed the second person first, then her with seconds to spare.

Laughably, his review of their stay was 5*, with a brief apology in private feedback for inconveniencing us. Really?

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Well I guess all’s well that ends well then? Frustration in the past?

Not too sure what you are meaning here but before writing both their reviews, I re-read the message threads the night before, and felt the same frustration with their f-wittedness bubbling up.

I doubt that either guest feels that all ended well, if by any chance they care. She now has two consecutive one star reviews, he has only one review; mine, and it’s one star.

And yes, I have rarely enjoyed being so succinct in not recommending them.

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