I'm having to keep myself from responding!

This is my most recent review: “Super nice people and good privacy. Andy and Sarah are very accommodating and overall the space was good and plenty of room. Positives are the comfortable bed and the ample dining area. Negatives are the bathroom is in pretty bad shape and the staircase leading up to the unit is dangerous.”

It’s just short enough that the negatives aren’t hidden with a “see more” link :frowning:

Kinda frustrating as I disclose that it’s a 95 year old building and show pictures of the bathroom (um, may be dated, but it’s clean and functional!) and the stairs (wooden and steep but with good railings). He goes into private feedback in detail that with it being an old un-updated bathroom there’s potential for mold and wood-rot, but that does not equate a disgusting bathroom. And then he said that people could fall and die on our stairs since they’re wooden and steep. Yeah, that’s why I show a clear picture and disclose! But what am I supposed to do about it, and has he been to apartments in older cities? It’s legal and inspected…

Ugh, I will not respond. But this review is at the top and I have a booking tonight but no more for a month. I want this review buried!

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Hi Sarah,

I’m sorry you got such an unfair review. Actually, I believe that it’s newer buildings that are sealed that get mold and rot more easily. Most of the homes with mold during the big mold scare a while back were brand new. Also, most mold in houses is not dangerous and can be cleaned with diluted bleach. If I were you, I would call Airbnb and see if you can get the review removed because the private feedback shows that his “facts” aren’t facts. Regarding the stairs, this review might be a blessing in disguise. As I’ve said here many times potential guests don’t read the listing, but they do read the reviews. Maybe his comments will deter guests who aren’t comfortable with steep stairs. Fitness buffs will see them as a plus.

My experience is that many guests were surprised that we have large-ish dogs until guests started mentioning them in the reviews. Since then we haven’t had nearly as many guests who aren’t comfortable with large, friendly dogs.

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Good for you, Sarah! I know it must be tempting but stick to your guns :slight_smile:

Experienced guests will take it with a pinch of salt and new guests only skim read the reviews if they even bother to look. I know that you have other good reviews so ignore this one.

If it all shows up without the ‘see more’ button anyway I don’t see the harm in responding. ‘Bathroom in bad shape’ is obviously inaccurate so I would maybe say something like this:

‘whilst it’s an older building, everything is clean and functional and most guests appreciate it’s all part of the charm. I’m sorry the stairs caused you problems, I believe my photos depict them accurately’


That is a perfect response, thanks I’m using it!

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This is what I ended up using: “Thank you for staying with us. While it’s an older building, everything is clean and functional while some spaces like the bathroom have not been updated yet. I’m sorry the stairs caused you problems, I believe my photos depict them accurately.”

The only reason I decided to respond is that the whole review will show and it is unnaccurate, but not to the point that the review will probably be removed by Air. That’s too much hassle and I don’t want him contacted further to draw the whole thing out.


I might have said,

The bath and stairs in our 95-year old vintage home are accurately depicted in my photos and description. They are also inspected and meet code.

I never address the guest in these things. I address the potential guest.