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I'm building an Airbnb AI Bot for hosts


Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I’m working on creating a bot (airbots.io) that automatically manages Airbnb host/guest inquiries. Think of this as a kind of artificially intelligent manager specifically for Airbnb, it responds to most inquiries, so you don’t have to.

I’m looking for some Airbnb hosts that might be interested in helping us test our early versions before we launch it to the public.


Ooo sounds great and all but yeah there’s so many factors to what people say. Like every message is unique.

I wouldn’t want to test it live. But I could always come up with a bunch of random things people say. Haha


Good point. I’m creating a chat simulator to help test responses before switching to a live bot. The bot also has a feature to respond to unknown questions with something along the lines of “I’ll get back to you shortly” and sends a message to host which can answer the questions once or use it for responding to future questions.


Me me me
Post must be


Yes that sounds like a good filler question for unknown.

Have you come up with many responses that work already?


I’m working on including a list of about 50 of the most common questions. Things like.

Is your place available June 19th?
Yes. Would you like to book?

Is NYC safe?
Yes, sort of. Don’t go out after midnight.

How far away is your place from JFK?
It’s about half an hour via taxi.

Is there a pool?
No there isn’t.

For certain questions, there needs to be an email notification to the host.

Can I bring my dog?
Let me get back to you.

Q. What’s the wifi password?
Send them password. (based on host address)


Good point. Let’s take the ‘is there a pool’ question.

My reply would be something along the lines of:

‘We are only 1.5 miles from the beach so in common with most properties in our immediate area, we find that guests prefer to go to the beach with its lovely breezes and ocean swimming, plus the great restaurants and stores that are available there. So we don’t need a pool but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your stay here. We also offer paddleboarding and kayaking from right outside your door.’

To reply ‘no there isn’t’ is really wasting a sales opportunity.


We’re making the responses customizable, so you can be as specific or as detailed as needed.


Sounds good @airbot - but would this replace the messages that we can save to our dashboards?


Yes Basically, these message would happen automatically with various additional conditional responses rather than using the saved message option.


It sounds like a great service. How much will it cost? When do you intend to roll it out?


Planning on making it free for now. Probably adding some value added features at an additional monthly cost later. Right now I’m just looking for some beta users for feedback while we finish development.


Sounds like a great idea, but just fyi, after signing up to your mail chimp mailing list, I clicked “continue to our website” and it took me to the citrix homepage :confused:


strange. I’ll look into the redirection issue.


should be fixed. Seems MailChimp thinks I still work at Citrix :slight_smile:


Please give details.

Would this be a bot for chat systems like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram? Or rather, an automated email reply bot? Or do you plan to integrate it with the Airbnb dialogue system, and if so, won’t you have to ask permission from Airbnb to do so?


it integrates with the Airbnb dialogue system via the Airbnb API. But I could also use SMS if required or airbnb doesn’t like the bot.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Airbnb does not have a public API at this time.

How are you connecting to it?


There is no API at this time. :slight_smile:


There’s an api. see https://api.airbnb.com/ I’ve used it on a few projects. Works for me.

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