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Im a new host with a horrible 2nd guest-please help!

I have always used instant book, I played with turning it off once and my listing went from page 2 to page 20, when I turned it back on it went back to where it was. That was enough for me to know IB is for me.

I found it condescending when I first started and hosts on this forum told me not to IB until I was more experienced. I rejected that advice and I do not regret it at all. I did however read a LOT on the forum and avoided making mistakes and learned a lot.

Others mileage may vary



Yes, I know it works well for a lot of hosts. I think you’ve been hosting for a long time, though, many years? The thing is, that so many hosts have been reporting a dive in the quality of guests since Covid (altho others haven’t experienced that), that starting to host now may be a bit different than when you started out.

Now there are blogs that promote always asking for a discount and sharing tips on how to scam a free stay. That wasn’t happening when you or I started out. Also Airbnb was much more supportive of hosts a few years back. The CS reps weren’t all clueless outsourced workers. And the platform was simpler and more user friendly.

So I think a new host these days has more challenges to face.


We had similar guests not too long ago. We had been hosts for about 3 months, with no major problems. Until, we had a guest (only a party of 3) come and basically left the place a mess. Had to replace comforters, stains in the carpet, cut their hair in the bathroom and left the hair everywhere, etc. Took 6 hours to clean the space it typically takes 1-2 hours. We had never left a bad review, but this was too much. Like you, they left us a good review and we left them an honest review of what we came into. They were pissed! But I never responded to their demands of seeing pictures and trying to say it wasn’t like that.
With that said, I was thinking the same thing you are, “what have I gotten myself into.” However, after having great guests the following weeks, my faith was restored. So, I learned a few things:

  1. There are just dirty people out there that treat Airbnb’s like a hotel and not as if it were their own place
  2. Price of doing business, if only 1 out of 10 guests are like this, I’d say that’s a win.
  3. Take pictures of damaged and overly dirty areas.
    4)THANK YOU for leaving an honest/bad review. I felt bad at first after leaving a bad review, but after having great guests after them, it made the bad guests seem even worse. As a host I wouldn’t want to host the guests you had, and I wouldn’t want you to host the guests I had, so leaving honest reviews is very important for us hosts.

Good Luck!


Not necessarily, depends on the listing. I take one nighters and only allow 4 days max. I rarely get guests who book more than a couple of weeks out. Many are only a day or two before their booking as they suddenly find themselves in need of a beach break and head to the coast.

In over 5 years I have given only one thumbs down and can count on one hand the ones I wouldn’t want back. And they weren’t really difficult guests, it was just uncomfortable.


Maybe for you, not for us.

In a normal year, around half of our bookings are fairly short notice, but this year the majority have been a week or two out, and quite a few just the day before.

No trouble, no hassle.



@LetsHost I’m in Austin, also, but the opposite side of the city (no competition for you). My first stay was a complete disaster (spare you the details here) & a year ago a guest ran a car into (literally it stopped in the hallway) my rental. They were just over last weekend for dinner as we are now friends :blush:.

You’ve been given great advice, some conflicting, but you’ll figure out what works for you. Hang in there. It’s a rollercoaster but gets better as you learn and adapt. Feel free to reach out if you need local encouragement or wish to hear my crazy adventures over coffee :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, This is my 17th year. I started before Air b and b. I was so caring and thought everyone was decent.

I no longer rent to anyone without reviews.

I also get their name and town where they reside. I put them through Truth finders and if I get one red flag, I do not rent to them.

I do not do any last min bookings. Not worth it.

They are charge if they tell me 4 people and it is 6.

I have always let pet come to the properties, but this year has been a nightmare. No more pets.

The less the best. I have a house that I have been renting for 14. I brought it down to 8 and 2 or three with stay at the house. Its been great.

I do leave supplies for their stay. But, I do not leave anything out, I do not want to lose.

Most people are wonderful. But, check them out. It will cost you 20 a month…

I had someone offer me 6000 a month for Oct in Ct. I did the back round check and he was not an ok guy. He has many judgements, he was sued for punching someone in the face. He had 50 address and when I turned him down, he said, oh I would have let you stay at my penthouse in NYC.

If it doesn’t feel right. Truth you gut. It will not be right.

If they are a pain while doing the booking. Wait till they get in the place.

I send out arrival instructions and tell them they must text me to let me know when they are in and if everything is Ok. I ask them to text if they have any questions. I also ask them to text me to let me know when they are out. So, I can let the cleaner know and I ask about there stay.

Do not give up. This business changed my life and I will be forever grateful to be able to do this work.

But, follow these few things and make your life so much eaiser.

Good luck.


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