I'll never understand how people think when leaving reviews

"Great apartment, well equipped, spacious and clean. Very easy to reach everything by walk. Jan was very helpful and easy to communicate with"
Overall rating: 4 stars

The apartment is small but very well equipped and comfortable. Perfect for 2 people, but a little small for our family.” Your guest suggested that your space could be cleaner in the following areas: towels and linens, floors and carpet.
Overall rating: 5 stars

Sometimes there is just no connection between the comments and the stars, as these two examples above show…


Yep. I don’t get it either. Same place, diff comments. We have had ‘love the shed and all the creative stuff’ and ‘machinery shed with petrol smell’. Same shed, no petrol. Artisan and shed mentioned in listing.

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FWIW, some people, myself included, don’t think that ANYTHING is perfect. That doesn’t mean anything was bad, it just wasn’t perfect; and that’s what many people see the 5 stars as – perfect.

In my case, as an AirBnb traveler, I don’t give less than 5 stars because I “know the system”. But in other things in life – online experiences and other things I get asked to rate, if there is a 10 point scale, rather that 5 points, I rarely rate anything a 10, but rather a 9. There is always room for improvement.

I REALLY wish AirBnb would change to a 10 point scale!!!

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