IKEA duvet / pillowcase question

I have matching duvet and pillowcase on beds, along with 2 pillows that I provide for my guests (with white cases, like the top sheet and fitted bottom).

What is the airhost hive opinion on this? Do I simply wash the duvet pillow covers every time I change the bed (althoI would prefer to not, I would prefer that people think of the duvet matching pillowcases are decoration)? Or do I simply add 2 white pillowcases so that beds have 4 white pillows - and no duvet-matching pillows?

If I’m understanding the question correctly, yes you must. If this is a problem for same day turnovers be sure that you have plenty so your turnover window isn’t determined by the laundry.

I think ALL bedding should be washed between each and every guest.


I think it is easier to understand the queston if you attached a picture.

I normally put the 2 white pillows in front…

It really depends on what kind of pillows they are. If they are for decoration, like many hotels have, it is really not necessary to clean them before they smell or are dirty. (I doubt most hotels does.)
If they are normal sleeping pillows with normal covers, they should be washed between each guest.
This is how we do it:

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All bedding every changeover, although I must admit I only change pillow protectors and duvet protectors every 3rd changeover

Based on your picture …all bedding needs to be cleaned. I really would be very unhappy if I got into a bed and I was sharing some of the bedding with previous guests and their various skin conditions. @Rolf

I don’t know what a duvet protector is but I change the pillow protectors after every guest. After all, they are protecting the pillow from drool - or worse.

Me too. And not just their skin conditions, their bodily fluids. Even if a host intends a bedding item to be ‘for decorative purposes only’ not all guests realise that. And if they don’t use them at night, then they might have an afternoon nap on the bed complete with its decor items. Or a couple might get all in-the-heat-of-the-moment mood and not really think to remove decor items during their throes of passion…

I wash all pillowcases every time. But I think that most people just use one or two pillows not all four. I think it’s better for the environment that I wash only what they use, so my plan is to leave two pillows on the bed and put two additional pillows in the closet for their use. My question now is how can I tell if they’ve use the pillows in the closet?

In my experience, if guests use the pillows in the closet they leave them on the bed. Also, when they’ve been used they smell like perfume, shampoo, etc.

Every host is different, every guest is different. I supply four pillows on the bed and they are always used. Wouldn’t a couple of extra pillowcases just go in with the rest of the laundry? If they didn’t need an extra load, then the environment isn’t an issue.

I use all white Ikea sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. Wash them all between guests. No colored bedding. I have to say it looks better with a little color added. But I think all white is clean and easy to just wash everything. I have a grey color blanket for each bed witch I just folded and put in the closet. Only use them when they needed.

Duvet protector is larger version of pillow protector, fits between the duvet and the duvet cover just like a pillow protector fits between the pillow and pillow case.

Sounds good! I have two washable duvets so switch them out and wash them after every guest (just in case…)

Where did you find the protectors?

Trust me. Hotels do not clean throw pillows/decorative pillow covers between every guest.

That is totally gross. Yet another reason to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel. :slight_smile:

We have two throw pillows on the hardwood dining chairs. I would have never done that but guests arranged them that way so I left them. I wash them after every guest. Imagine if they had been sitting on them naked…


You could remove all doubt and do a sniff test. :smile:

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In Rolf’s picture I’d wash the stripped linens. Those are very thin, like sheets. I live in an area that is always dry and I have mostly one night guests, so I understand conserving water but I think we have to wash the top layer of everything that was out on the bed after each guest.

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I truly believe that anything that has been touched by a guest’s bare skin, or might harbour bodily fluids, has to be thoroughly cleaned after every guest.

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