If you don’t accept or decline, 18 Jan-20 Jan will remain blocked

Why have I received an email saying if I don’t respond OR decline these dates will be blocked form my calendar?

I understand they might be blocked if I don’t respond but if I decline, because of other reasons (like I don’t like the look of the guests) why should I be penalised with the dates being automatically blocked?

Tell us more detail. Was this an inquiry or booking request?

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I think it means that when you decline the dates will open, but until then they will be blocked.

This is similar to the other thread…was this an inquiry or a booking request?

You can unblock it…

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Same here yesterday for a booking request. The guest didn’t response to both of my emails within the 24 hours period and Air emailed telling me dates are blocked since I didn’t respond.

The issue is NOT to unblock the dates BUT the fact that they didn’t care that the guest never replied me while I DID reply him within the time frame. Very odd situation and one sided.

It’s not all. This is Airbnb 101. You have to accept or decline within the 24 hours or you pay the price. Answering the question doesn’t count.

These are newbie mistakes that you will not make again. I did that only one time, in 2010, when I was new to Airbnb.

I find it such since the guest had a few special requests and it was not a black/white situation where it could be accepted or rejected. More info was needed.

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You have to tell them,

Sorry, I need to decline your request since you have not responded to my questions. Otherwise I will be penalized by the platform.

If they really want to book, they will get back to you.

I think you can unblock your calendar but by missing the 24 hour period, you will get plunged to the bottom of search.

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Then you have to decline and tell them that AirBNB forces you to take action even though it isn’t clear that your place is the best one for them. Continue by telling them, you will be happy to accept once your discussions have been completed and you both decide to move forward.

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Will do next time. I’ve never had anyone taking over 24 hours to reply to booking. I’m usually replying them within minutes and within an hour max it’s booked. I can live with the penalty. The listing ranked quite high so. Thanks though.