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If it was 1989 and I still smoked bowls maybe


Hahahahahaha! Hilarious!


In Italy is forbidden by law to host people not on age,


Oh bless! :laughing: Quite enterprising though…


I was horrified to learn that ‘Netflix and chill’ means sex. I’d been casually bandying the phrase around for a while.


LOL. But if you use it with people who also don’t know the other meaning it’s fine.


Lol we offer Netflix but I wasn’t quick enough to ask "so Netflix and chill right? "


I was under the impression that you could not set an age restriction on guests, other than Air’s policy which is 18 and older. Trust me, I’m not interested in hosting teens but there’s nothing I can do about it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


You are correct. There are many hosts who just do what they want until they get caught or their listing mysteriously disappears or they get booted off Airbnb though.


This looks like an inquiry vs a request to book. You can answer the message but no further action should be needed. Somewhere there should be a button to “report this guest” and I would.


Maybe the kid just wanted a quiet place to spend a few hours because there was trouble at home…that was the first thing that popped into my head. My daughter’s best friend used to call me and ask if she could do the same just to get away from her mom and stepfather’s constant fighting. I would drive 15 mintues back into town to pick her up and she would sleep over until things quieted down at her place.

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