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If it was 1989 and I still smoked bowls maybe



Thanks, that has made me smile…


Your welcome
Cracked me up also


I think I would have some fun and ask a lot of questions… So just one friend coming with you? What were you planning to do for 5 hours? 5 hours is a LOONG time to have sex… Lol



Words like chill and hang out always make me pause when young guests use them in booking request.

What do they really mean?

For me, chilling or hanging out would be sitting in a cafe, drinking a cappuccino and people watching.

But it seems like they use these terms for many different activities:
Having a casual FWB relationship, sitting around and staring at their smartphones, doing drugs, having a bunch of their friends over for a party…

One man’s chill is another man’s rave.


At 16 buddy you will only need 3 minutes tops :joy:


I’m going to go with smoking dope


@Flyboy, the policy, I’m pretty sure about this, is to pre-approve, grant the discount, let them in early, and then be so shocked at what they do in your listing that you post in the forum asking what to do.


That’s such a sweet, naive little request I’d be almost tempted to accept! Of course, I’d need them to have a permission note from their moms first …


Too Cute!
I love the honestly…


Brilliant! 20 20 20 2


I let him in now he’s invited he’s cousin Earl over and Jimbo and theres a bonfire in the lounge room!!!


Not when you are 16😁


I know you are goofing but I thought you had to be 18 to have an Airbnb account? If it’s through an older friend, then it’s a third-party booking which is also not allowed.


I think it’s just to book. Making an account is as easy as email and away you go. Believe me Airbnb don’t give 2 tosses who goes into your home. It was like pulling teeth getting the simple request removed so it didn’t impact my acceptance rate.


If this was just an inquiry you don’t have to accept or decline and it won’t effect your acceptance rate. (looks very similar to a request to book). Just reply back to them so that it doesn’t effect your response ate. “Sorry but you need to be 18 to use Airbnb”,


It had a countdown clock so maybe it was a request to book. He deleted his account but no thanks to Airbnb CS
they are generally useless I’ve found


In the beginning, I didn’t realize the difference. They look similar. I now have on Instant Book so I only get inquires. Both require a response and how quickly does effect your response rate or booking acceptance. Perhaps this will help you: https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Hosting/Reservation-Inquiry-or-Request-What-s-the-Difference-A-Community/td-p/63688


set the age limit so you won;t get these requests anymore. I set mine to 25 in order to avoid the undergrad wild drunken parties.

If I were you I’d have replied: honey, a hotel won’t accept you, would they? What make you think I would?


I was once sitting in a beautiful sunny Kyoto garden on the porch of a bamboo hut that had been placed there so you could contemplate the peaceful serenity and perfectly constructed garden with its little waterfall. Om. Then some teenagers turned up and let themselves into the hut and started carrying on and having sex. It really harshed my buzz. But in its own way it was a very Zen moment. But no, I wouldn’t let them in because you know what they will do. And then they will want to come back and do it again, with more friends next time. Till they have a party and trash your place and play loud music. And ruin it for somebody trying to meditate nearby.

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