If in UK looking for a long term tenant, or something longer than a holiday let

could I recommend spareroom .co.uk, I have always had almost instant responses, and good responses too.
Currently got a 1bed flat to rent for the summer, before it’s (hopefully ) sold, tried Airbnb (minimum stay 28 days etc), but only got responses from spareroom .co.uk. Someone signing up within 20 hrs of posting.
Spareroom caters more for lodgers, but there is a ‘whole place’ option.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to do Airbnb there anymore! I should get away with a 3 month let.
If you’re nosey, this is how I phrased a 3 month Airbnb listing (and got no response)
or if that doesn’t work https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/11207340?preview_for_ml


I was once in Brighton during a VW meetup. There were Beetles and Combivans parked for about 1km along the shore. I thought to myself this is what England would have been like if the Germans had won the war. Love Brighton you can walk around drunk in the daytime and no one cares.


Not sure if it’s new, but it is dedicated to finding a house share, or indeed a spare room. I imagine many members on here have more than one string to their property bow, and if anyone is after a LTR for their spare room, they should place an ad there. Has an option for entire properties LTR. I worded my advert so that potential tenants knew they were getting a discount because estate agents would be popping round occasionally. My one bed flat is part of a house that was converted to flats, and we are forbidden to do holiday lets, STR, ie, we can’t do Airbnb.

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it has been said that getting off the train at Brighton, you can walk 100yds down the road, and start to consider giving up work.

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To be honest I found a lot of time wasters on spare room and ended up getting someone from Gumtree.

and if that didn’t happen on arrival it almost certainly happened when you were leaving.

I used spareroom.co.uk as a guest in 09/10, when on a 6 month contract with the NHS in Worcester. It was a perfect solution to not having to stay in a hotel Mon-Fri. and much more cost effective.