Ideas needed: Is the guest in/out?

There is one exit door from my home that everyone uses, and I would like to know when guests leave for the day - I have 3 rooms and I do not want to be around when the guests are in; I prefer cleaning, etc. when they are out.

I thought a cute sign at the exit with a “lever” that goes between “in” and “out” might work, but wondered if the guests would prefer that OTHER guests not know?

I can see them sometimes on my cam at the exit but of course they may be simply walking to their car and back.

I am of course overthinking this but does anyone have ideas on this. Lucy from “Peanuts” does it with an in/out sliding board…any suggestions on a 3 room sign like she uses?

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Guests don’t do many things that we ask them to do because these things are important to us but not to them. I think the sign would prove worthless because so many people wouldn’t bother with it. They are, after all, not at work. The exit camera may prove to be your only source of information.


I agree with Christine. No matter how many times I’ve asked guest to notify me when they are checking out, they rarely tell me. I’ve asked guest to let me know when they have to leave early to help with planning the cleaners and again nothing.

I use the cameras and look for luggage. You might also want to get a camera where they park there cars and get their license plate numbers as part of the check in requirement.

I was really needing a way to see when guests leave for the day; I have cams on the parking area etc already. My hope is that a cute signage with perhaps a slider for ‘in’ and ‘out’ as they exit the home will let me know when they are away. I do a daily clean of the bathroom, for example, so it is best when they have all left the property for me to go in….

You mentioned guests perhaps not wanting other guests to know they are out. Do they have the ability to lock their bedroom door when they leave for the day? If so (and I think they should), I wouldn’t concern myself with that.

Could you not just hang a flippable sign on each bedroom door saying in or out? Then when they lock their door from the outside, they can also flip the sign. It might be easier to remember that way than at the front door.

Also I don’t think you need to concern yourself with cleaning the bathroom when all guests are out. Just designate a time when you clean the bathroom daily and say it won’t be available from xx-xx time. What does it take, 15 minutes? Doesn’t seem like that would be an inconvenience to guests that they couldn’t work around, as long as it was a set, same time each day.
Of course, you’d best pick a time when guests have usually finished their morning bathroom routine, and before they are likely to come home from a day out and want to get showered, etc.

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As a guest I’d TRY to use this, but it would probably annoy me.

I would appreciate your wanting to do any cleaning while everyone is out for the day. As a home share host, I try to do the same (in between my real job as well) but I’m situated to know when they’re here.

How feasible is it for you to state in your listing and HR that “listing will be cleaned daily at 10am (or whenever).” and then just do that? Remind guests about that and then work it from there.

Good thinking, and the only issue for this is that it is to my advantage to go in when they leave, which could be 7am, which is why knowing if the are in the home or not is important for my plan to work.

Do you have a digital lock that shows who leaves (or arrives) when?

i have them everywhere but they do not need to code the lock to leave the house, only to enter.

Our lock can be set to require that on exit. We don’t have it set that way, but we could.

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That is illegal in the US - you can’t have an exit that requires a key. Plus, our lock, like every Smart Lock I have ever seen, only has a keypad on one side (the entry side). Also, out Smart Lock is not a deadbolt, but a passage door lock - What is the brand and model of your lock?

It doesn’t have anything to do with a key. Many smart locks electronically record entries and exits.


I’m sure that there are smart locks that record exits, but how does it know who is exiting? The person who’s exiting needs to enter a code so the smart lock can differentiate between that person and others. That’s the issue here, I’m pretty sure I can’t have a lock it only works when you press a code to leave… Case of a fire, a door that can only be opened with a pass code as an exit is illegal.

In my case, I need to know which of five different people, in three rooms, are using the lock to exit.

Yes, they enter a code on the outside of the door after exiting.

That’s why we don’t use that feature. Too many guests would forget and leave the door unlocked.