IB reservation for a lower price than what I set?

I got a reservation request earlier tonight but declined it, asking them to upload their ID to the Air platform and rebook with IB. The nightly rate on the request was strange (not a whole dollar amount), but I assumed that the guest manually entered that dollar amount (maybe?) and that when they instant booked, it would book them at my advertised rate instead. But when they instant booked, it stayed at the nightly price from their (declined) request.

I called Air to ask where that number came from. First, the rep tells me that it’s because I have Smart Pricing on. So I tell her that yes, I do have Smart Pricing, but I have it turned off for certain days (including the days this reservation falls on), so that’s not the reason. Also, even with Smart Pricing, I’ve never seen a nightly rate that wasn’t a whole dollar amount. She says no, that it’s an average and it can be like that. Okay, sure.

Then she goes on to tell me that if I have Smart Pricing on, I can’t adjust the price for certain days. I say no, that’s not true, and I read her the exact verbage from my calendar page saying that I have Smart Pricing turned off for that day. So she puts me on hold, comes back, and tells me that Smart Pricing overrides weekend pricing and that’s why I can’t adjust it. Yes, I am aware that is how it works, but I didn’t use the weekend pricing option; I went into my calendar and manually turned off Smart Pricing for specific days and adjusted the rate. She had no idea you could do that! :astonished:

Anyway… still no answer as to why this reservation has a whacky nightly rate. (She’s going to get back to me next week after she hears back from whoever. She also tried to tell me that maybe I needed to clear my cache and cookies, as if that’s what the problem is, even though she has the same pricing on her screen that I’m telling her is on my screen… sigh.) It’s not a big deal because it’s pretty close to what my rate was set at, but still… I want to know how and why this happened so that people don’t find a way to book under my rate in the future.

Has anyone had this happen before?

No one else has had this happen, where a reservation is made for a price different than what you set? I’m just really baffled as to how this happened. The total for their 3-night stay is exactly $20 less than what it should be.

(Changing my thread title so the topic is more obvious.)