I would love to get to know hosts in my area, especially for occasional co-host coverage, advice?

I am intrigued by the discussion of co-host/house sitting arrangements so the ABB host can leave town comfortably.

I am wondering if anyone has been in touch with other local hosts for any reason–to share advice, socialize, or to cover each other’s properties while out of town?

If so how did you contact such hosts? Would it be OK just to message them through ABB or is their another mechanism I don’t know about?

There are local FaceBook hosting groups. I’m on one in the Tampa, FL area but they don’t meet near me (1 hour drive for cocktails during rush hour - no thanks!) so when I get around to it, I’ll ask about doing things down by me or breaking the group in half.

I used to use a co-host when I traveled. After I re-opened after Covid, I decided that when I want to travel, I just block the dates. Yes, less money but less stress. I don’t want to have to worry about guests not getting good service, etc. Something to think about.


I briefly joined a facebook group but left quickly. Members there were either clueless and needed handholding, were investor hosts, or were just there to complain. I get my fill of that here.

I don’t have a co-host at this time. I have friends stay here at my house to care for my dogs when I travel. I prep the room and it’s available for any repeat guest who might message me while I’m away. After hosting for 8 years I have a few regular guests who know to just message me, they don’t even look at Airbnb. So I can get a little money and since they know the place, it’s low stress. For my place it’s just not enough money to deal with the stress of having a co-host manage regular Airbnb bookings.

Unfortunately there’s not a good mechanism using Airbnb and I don’t really want to be contacted on Airbnb unless it’s by a potential guest.

By the way, I’m down the road from you (5 hours, lol) in El Paso. I have a dog friendly listing so if you are ever down this way you are welcome here and I’d discount deeply for any forum member who came through.


Thanks KCC for the invite! We keep talking about going to El Paso, we have never been there.

I’m not on Facebook. And you’re right, not a good idea to message hosts unless you’re a guest.

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We have a WhatsApp chat group for our neighborhood. All of the owners are from the US or the UK but the property is in St Lucia. One owner knew another and set up a group, the second owner knew another one, and pretty soon we had most of the owners on the chat group. It’s not really active, but has proved a great asset, such as when someone gets double booked or is having trouble with a utility, or something as mundane as “Does anyone know where to get strawberry margarita mix?”


I usually block the dates when I’m out of town, but on occasion have asked my neighbor to take care of any repeat guests who might message me while I’m away. It really helps having a fellow host right across the street.

I am doing my first stint as a co-host ever. E is going out of town for a week to an area with sketchy cellular service & no wi-if where she is staying.

When she made me a co-host I was surprised at the access given and the primary host cannot pick & choose what access is given.

As a co-host I can change anything in her Listing & house rules, pricing minimum stay and add/delete/change pre-set messages.

It is a leap of faith to give anyone that kind of access.

I naively thought she would give me access to accept/decline/correspond with guests.

About a Facebook group-Airbnb has Airbnb representative moderated Facebook groups. There may be one in your area.

Thanks everyone!

What I did today was post a message on NextDoor.com which is very active in my city. And I already heard from a host!

Thanks PitonView for the WhatsApp idea. I am new to WhatsApp but it definitely seems the best solution to group messages.

And thanks Anne for the co-host heads up.

What I have done in the past, when we went overseas, is to hire a local house sitter to be available if needed by a guest. I did not like this arrangement very much because the person had no ABB experience.


I belong to two local host groups on FB. I can see the advantage of having a local co-host who you know, who knows your area and whose values you share to help co-host when you can’t -

I can’t see the value in having a stranger who doesn’t know your area house sitting a listing .

I always shed a tear when a new host in my village shuts down 12 months later. Best not to get to know them as that would just increase the pain of their departure.


Host burn out really is a thing!

Also some are just not nice people.

I contacted the host of new listing in my neighborhood. I explained there is a group of 6 STR owners in the neighborhood who share information about cleaners & repair people & other helpful tips. And 4 of those owners were local. I told her I would be there in May & hoped we could meet. The others in the group would probably be at the annual HOA meeting in May so it would be a good time to meet neighbors.

The conversation went downhill quickly. I guess she thought I was going to try to damage her in someway. Oh well, her loss. When she runs into a problem & needs local help, I hope she can figure it out.


The damaged are usually fearful of more damage. One can feel badly for her and still see that odds are she won’t be a successful host.


There are many, many STRs in this area (some advertising with Airbnb, others not) and a few drop out every month or so. It’s weird that there are so many people who see STR as easy money.

I know quite a few local hosts but I’ve got to know them by simply knocking on their doors. :slight_smile:


As an update, I can report I’ve had almost no luck at all.

I found 3 hosts on NextDoor but they have not sent contact info despite repeated requests.

I think people are just too busy, or they don’t see the potential. I’m a newbie STR (since November)

And some hosts see others as unwanted competition rather than someone they could have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Kinda like the difference between those who post here and accept advice graciously, even if they don’t feel it’s the best advice, realizing others are just trying to help, and those who get stroppy and stomp off, never to be heard from again, if they don’t like the advice or the “tone”.

Is there no local host group in your area. If not why not set one up?

haha, same thing happened to me, except zero complaining, the few who posted were all doe eyed sweeties who woo-yayed everything, the moderator just kept on posting fluff pieces from Airbnb and asking us how we supported it (like the mods do on the CC). 100 members, maybe 10 were active. they also had meet-ups at 10am on Saturdays, because the mod works ft I guess, but weekends are just a big NO from me, I don’t need to brave the crowds and also, i’m usually busy with a turnover. the meet-ups include free food/drink so are they sponsored by ABB?

Anyway, I did meet another local host via the CC and we met for coffee and he told me he has a group of 5 local hosts who meet once a month, so i’ll join in with them. Not sure i’d ever want another host to manage my property but being able to share cleaners or trades in times of need is certainly a handy back up to have.


I have friends that I don’t even see once a month. I can’t imagine having the time to meet hosts in person that often. My Airbnb is such that if I can’t manage my rental I don’t need a back up, I’d just close it. But that concept seems far superior to being in a group on facebook.

It’s the same here. Lots of lurkers.