I wish we could have multiple versions of the same listing to target diff demographics

This would make my own search for units much easier – I want to click a category for “baby/toddler friendly” and then see listings that are written for this demographic They can mention whether there’s a high chair, pack and play, a playground near by, child-friendly restaurants, toys and books, non-toxic cleaning products, whatever.

I would market my own place very differently for families with young kids since my current listing mentions bars, craft cocktail lounges, michelin starred restaurants with tasting menus, etc. None of this is relevant for the vast majority of families although they would probably like to know that I can lend them a stroller. For foodies, I would emphasize my proximity to low and high end destination dining, farmer’s markets, etc. For couples on a budget, I would skip the song and dance about cocktail lounges and boutique shopping and point to nearby grocery stores and cheap eats, how walkable everything is in my 'hood, etc.

Currently, my listing is a hodge-podge that mentions a little bit of all these things in the same listing while not being particularly thorough in any regard since I don’t want to make my listing unreadably long.

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On a related note, I think Airbnb needs to decide what family friendly really means and let hosts know.

Right now I think some hosts are checking that box because they like the idea of renting to families. Maybe they assume there is less risk of wild parties.

All of the places I’ve stayed in while in New York had family friendly checked, but none have been particularly suitable for children.

No guards on the windows to prevent falls from high floors

Cleaning products at floor level without locks.

Showers that get dangerously hot

Bottles of alcohol within reach

Outlets uncovered

Matches within reach

No cribs, highchair, etc

My kids are old enough that these things aren’t an issue, but hosts should be careful when they check that box.

I actually do have 4 listings. The only one turned on right now is the house share–private room/bathroom (min 1 day, max 4 days). Not turned on right now-- I also have a whole house listing (minimal stay changes depending on how long I will be out of town) , a Thanksgiving listing for the whole house for a minimum of 3 days, a listing specific to a certain month long event (in August) that happens in a town 30 minutes away. The month long event listing is the exact same listing as my house share–private room/private bathroom, just the title is different to help in show up in searches. I will turn in on this coming weekend.
So, I think you can create a different listing targeting different demographics, just change the name of the listing!

You can make multiple listings and sync the calendars. But not sure Airbnb would like them to be identical as in the same private room over and over. Lol

I know you can do this:

You could have 2 private room listings and a listing that contains both or the entire house.

Hi Chicagohost,
What if you had a little section in your main description area that said something like this -

Our location has many amenities for all kinds of interests.

For people interested in night life: there are bars and great restaurants within walking distance. etc.

For people with small children: we have a stroller and the house is childproofed, etc.

For foodies: xyz restaurant and a farmers markets are close by, etc.

Just something short that stands out. People tend to scan and look for key words that apply to them.

I agree that check boxes would be helpful, though… it saves so much time if you can eliminate places at the search level.