I was reimbursed for guest cancelling on extenuating circumstances and other crazy stuff

Thought I’d share this because it might help hosts to argue with customer support more frequently :sweat_smile:

I had a guest cancel the day before arrival payout was £150. Support notified me with a message about the cancellation and I replied saying thats not fair, I’m not their travel insurance etc. They replied with the usual bs about the rules etc. Then I realised that my instant book was off and expressed my disappointment with airbnb. She said they turned it off for few days because of a cancellation I had (it was 30days ago and it was an instant booking no reviews which we have the right to cancel) (my first cancellation ever btw).

Cut a long story short the woman said she reviewed the case of the last minute cancellation and issued me a payment of £57 and my instant book was back on.

Moral of the story: cry about everything and you might get something :crazy_face::joy:


Good point.

I have had a couple of reviews removed. The CSA actually gasped when I told them what I wanted to do. I waited a couple of months to drain the emotion, but stated my desire up front. I accepted I might lose, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Yes, I scripted it.


What was it that you wanted to do? Did you get it in the end?