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I want to write the review now, while I'm boiling!


Honestly, Barns, it’s absolutely your own fault for living in Brighton - home of the Dirty Weekend!


I commiserate with you as my Sunday guests were less then ideal. They were here for a wedding with 2 out of the 4 guests in the wedding party. We found vomit in our rock garden, shower curtain and liner on the floor soaking wet, baseboard dislodged at bottom of wall (how that happened I can’t even fathom) and place in general disarray. Nothing that is unmanageable but I’m still angry they didn’t let us know about the shower issue. I think I’ve been spoiled by amazing guests who typically leave our place in very similar condition as they arrive and have brought to our attention any issues while on site. These guests were good communicators and very quiet. Today, I will start the cleaning/repair process and write a review that state the facts. Wine last night did help!


A Naked Angel perchance?

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Yes, a couple of months in. :slight_smile:


Just got an email, they’ve written their review


And now he demonstrates, “How to keep an Air host in suspense…”

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Watch it missus, that’s my old stomping ground :wink:

Lived on and off in Brighton for about twelve years, many years ago, serious party town!


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I wrote “a bit messy, a bit noisy, a bit clumsy”, and explained why in the private note.
gave them 3stars and 4stars here and there. However, I got 5stars :slight_smile:

I bet they don’t come back


Would you want them to though?



(je m’apelle)

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We joined about nine years ago. I love when you forget about it, then get the reminder of £££ saved up for a splurge. And the Christmas gifts for loyalty are great too.


Like @Barns, I tiptoe around my home and quietly open and shut doors in the exact manner he described. I think with some guests it’s a little like “out of sight, out of mind” but in this case it’s since they are not hearing anything, it never occurs to them to be quiet.

When I get door slammers, I will start slamming doors myself. Often, that does the trick.


I’d have thought that you’d have been doing the cross channel hop for a day, given where you live :wine_glass:

When I lived in East Sussex it was a regular event :slight_smile:

While the UK is still in the EU, you can buy online from several European wine sellers, the savings against UK prices are substantial.

Carriage can be expensive, but there are regular offers on that if you spend €200+.

We used this company a lot:

Usually worked out at an additional euro or so on their shop prices to cover shipping.



At the risk of exposing myself as a shameless wino, we do go over to Calais regularly. The Calais Wine Warehouse pays for our ferry or tunnel crossing if we commit to spending £250 or more. My only beef with them is that their selection of French wines is piss poor. We invariably come home with a car load from the New World, but at £2 per bottle, I mustn’t complain.


Could I recommend Porta 6, from off of Portugal, Usually at Majestic Winehouse, saw it for a little while on Naked WIne


Do tell how it all works out …


Ha! Been there as well, and the Majestic (is that still there?) across the road. Used to drive back to the UK from Luxembourg a few times a year and filled up there before ferry.



I stayed in a hotel in NYC that was shared bathroom and the bathroom was right next to our room. I think we only shared it with one other room. However the other room had a door then you’d go down a hallway and there was a second door. There were 3 people staying in that room so everytime one of them went to the bathroom there were 3 slams going in and 3 coming out. 2 am the bars close and there’s a minimum of 9 slams next to our room. Didn’t put me off shared bathrooms yet…I have another NYC hotel with shared bath booked for part of my Oct trip.


in fact, when I stay in NY, I insist on having door slams near my room (no later than 3am)


Thats too bad and sooo gross. Thank god my guest are coming n the separate guest house so I don’t have to listen to things like that. What I find is that the guest plans always change!!! If they say they are coming at 7 they suddenly come at 3. I take whatever they say with a grain of salt and I just make sure that room is always done by check in time at three. And if they come really late they’re on their own, no walk-through there is a walk-through sheet I will leave on the table. I’m not getting up at midnight. That is absolutely gross that they did that to your sheets and you should be charging them extra. You know what’s really funny I’ve hosted over 300 couples and I never ever remember their names but I remember the stains they leave! Oh yeah that one left mustard all over the bedspread, or that one left a bloody footprint on the bedspread,But don’t remember any names.

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