I Tried Instabook And Could Not Turn It Off

So here is my story. Last week I did a whole house search of my city to check the competition. I was shocked to see that my listing was not shown. Then I noticed that somehow the instabook only feature was turned on by default. Only instabook listing were shown and I had to turn it off before my listing was shown. I refreshed and tried the search again. Again the instabook only was on by default. Obviously I was concerned, I knew air was hot to get hosts to go instabook and thought perhaps this was how they were going to persuade hosts to comply,. Not wanting to lose bookings I thought I would give it a try and turned it on. But then I tried a search for Paris and the instabook filter was not on as default. Hmmm. So then I went to the library and did the search on my city not signed in. There was my listing first on the list. No default instabook. Tried again at the girlfriends. same result. Hmmmm. I tried it for 10 days anyway just to see if it helped booking. It got no bookings and my views were if anything down. So I decided to turn it back off. I went back to the page, clicked on the " All guests must send reservation request" button…and nothing happened. refreshed and tried again…nothing. So I called air and the nice man was able to turn it off for me. He told me there must be a glitch, Ya right. I do a search for my city right now from my computer and the instabook filter is still on by default.

Yes I have noticed this too.

Just on the instant book filter issue:

The instant book filter is always on by default for short-term bookings (as in : check-in date is very soon). I think you may have tried a later check-in date for Paris.

I don’t understand the relevance.

I did an open date search for Paris and the filter was off.

I did the same search for my city and it was on.

I can do a search for my city with days in January and it is on.

If I go to the library or my GF"s house and do the same search it is off.

In fact I had my GF do the search when she was signed in. the filter was off