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I think I’ve been doing this too long.. 🤣


Well just now I was waiting for my guests. A couple from Albuquerque —let’s call them Donald and Stormy. Sure enough right at 4, I see them parking and coming to the house. I greet them with my usual spiel and we have a nice chat for about 40 minutes. I am expecting a Dan, so when he says Don, I don’t think much of it. They tell me they are here looking at real estate, blah blah blah blah…and want to see what my area is like, blah blah, but it’s not got the same taxes as Arizona, blah blah, and I’m thinking, but aren’t you guys from Albuquerque? But don’t ask… they love the place and say they are going to get their luggage and finish checking in. I collect their tax… I say, just let me know if you have questions and have a great time!

I go upstairs to pour a much needed beer… when he comes back up. I jump up, wondering what is wrong! He says… are you the blah blah apartment? And shows me the neighbor’s place across the street!!! That is where he is booked!!! To be fair to the guest, the wrong address, which the neighbor has, is on his phone app.

Can you believe it? I quickly went back to my apartment and cleaned the toilet again since she used it and straightened the bedding. We had a good laugh and they went to the right Airbnb. Can you imagine if my real guests had shown up while the imposter guests were moving in?

And I was thinking the million dollar question. Did they wish they got to stay in my place? Or do they like the other place better??? :rofl:

My real guests are still not here. :rofl::rofl:


Oh-mi-GAWD…my heart’s palpitating after reading this ~ what a potential nightmare! (And what a waste of your time!)

At least you could medicate and deflate with a beer.

(I think I meant decompress but who cares.)


What’s not so funny, is I looked up my neighbor’s listing and he’s jacked a lot of my copy descriptions word for word. Not cool.

Should I say something? My son thinks yes. But it’s my NEIGHBOR!!
I kind of don’t want to start a “thing.”


You are skilled with words - update and rewrite! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…but don’t you just hate someone who has no bloody iMAGINATION!


I had someone do the same in a nearby sea side town and even named their place XXX Sunsets (admittedly not the most original name). They had a crappy photo of one sunset through the trees which would only be visible for about one month a year. They also ripped off most of my verbage. Their listing also claims they have “the best sunsets in Victoria!”. My photos suggest otherwise. I regularly check their bookings and don’t see them as a competitor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess it depends on your relationship with your neighbour.

You are a copywriter so it is particularly bad that he is stealing your work.

I would mention it to him in passing, that you were surprised to see the descriptions of his listing is word for word the same as yours and that this could lead to confusion amongst guests. And that although flattered that he thought your copy was so great that he used it, you would be grateful if he could rewrite it, in his own words.


Too funny with the guests showing up! So you didn’t know your neighbor was doing Airbnb also? Not cool that your neighbor ripped off your verbiage. I had that happen to me when I was a photographer. I’d written about wedding photography on brochure/price list. Another photographer picked up a copy at a bridal show. Months later, I saw his website and he’d copied what I wrote almost word for word AND uncut me on my prices! I wasn’t happy so I can understand where you’re coming from. But I wouldn’t mention it. There’s not much you can do except maybe try to improve on your own and change it up a bit. Maybe your neighbor will check out THIS site and get the hint!


Literally half of my neighbourhood picked up my description as I am the one who is advertising on Airbnb the longest, and actually have good enough command of English to write a lengthy and detailed description.:smiley: But what can I do? I just let it go.


People can be so lazy sometimes! It’s okay to get ideas from others listings but they should put it in their own words.


When I started Airbnb a fellow jacked most of my listing description and adjusted for his home. I did confront him on the platform about it and he changed a few words. He didn’t last long, I don’t know if he even got any bookings before his listing disappeared from the platform.

I’d just change my wording if I were you so no one would think I stole from him. Sadly I don’t think it’s worth a battle. You see it on the internet all the time the same copy word for word in article after article and no idea who originally wrote it.


Since he started his Airbnb in April 2018 and I started mine in April 2010, I would hope everyone would realize who has been doing it longer.

His place his newer but mine has more privacy and a way way better view. There are a ton of wires and foliage in his guests view.

But my son commented, “I think his place is better, Mama.” Oh great! Thanks for the vote of confidence my child! :rofl: He Just sees the new flooring and new furniture and doesn’t see the rest.

My guests finally showed up at 11pm. Can you imagine if the other guy had not noticed he was in the wrong place? And my guests showed like they did last night at 11? I need to confirm the name very closely every single time!!!

If anything, the neighbor better change his address or I will have his guests showing up constantly! Who writes their address incorrectly???

I was the only game on this street for years and years. When those two neighbors were hulking foreclosures with rats crawling through where the guests now stay. I did mention that to his guests as they were leaving. But in a positive way! Yes he’s done a lot with it since it was sitting in vacant and foreclosure for at least 8 years!


Don’t count on guests realizing much of anything.

I would guess after these guests tell him what happened he will fix the issue. He certainly doesn’t want his guests coming to your place does he? The only good thing is maybe they will knock him on the review.

It is a big advantage to have a newly remodeled space as I learned first hand. I went from 80% five star to 98% five star after my renovation project. But new reno doesn’t affect view or number or bugs or the weather. LOL.

You can’t worry about it, just do what you do.


That’s like my security camera guy finding out about Airbnb from me. Then he tells me his brother in a nearby neighborhood should do Airbnb. He tells me how he’s got these spare rooms and how he could put a separate entrance, blah, blah. He’s telling me his brother could be a direct competitor to me. LOL. I should have told him, "my brother in law is going to start installing TVs and security cameras after I told him about your business. "


I’m not going to change my wording. That would be like giving the thief carte Blanche. I’m so unimpressed.


“…my son commented, “I think his place is better, Mama.” Oh great! Thanks for the vote of confidence my child!”

As the saying goes – out of the mouths of babes…(but that’s so cute you revealed he said that!). Awww!


He says he has a better floor than we do. He is right! :laughing::laughing:


Wow that’s one in million chance that would happen haha


That I was expecting two guests at that exact hour and he had the wrong address on his listing And they had similar names was just one in a million. I can’t believe I wasted 49 minutes talking to them but he was one of these already know everything’s so I was thinking after I left that I might get a meh review. I liked my actual guests much better but by the time they got here I was annoyed and talked out. Did my best to hide it!! :laughing:


@K9KarmaCasa Oh I am feeling your pain in terms of the blatant plagiarism of local hosts from your listing. I started out at the “Amazing River House Waterfront Apartment” and now low and behold there is “Amazing Tiny House” and “Amazing Town Center Apartment” near me - REALLY!! One of my neighbors even tapped my reference to the James Michener novel Chesapeake which is set on the Choptank River where I live - so boring that they can’t come up with their descriptions - Grrrrr!


Good for you! I had our next door neighbour (the next building) steal ours word for word. Which was ridiculous because it referred to ‘the apartment’ and they were renting rooms not full apartments. I reported the listings to Airbnb. They fixed it.

Blimey K, I’m amazed at the situation you had with Dan/Don! I’m still getting used to having two rentals. I’m finding that if I have guests arriving in both on the same day, I have to write on my hand which guest is coming to which apartment so that I don’t get confused!

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