I should have trusted my spidy senses

I received an instant booking last weekend. On reading the message, the guest said she was coming with her dog. As we don’t accept dogs I replied back to her saying we don’t accept dogs, please read my description. We have dogs cats, livestock, chickens etc and guest dogs can cause problems. She came back pleading to be allowed to come, she had no additional funds to book somewhere else and didn’t know if the money would be refunded back to her credit card in time to be able to book somewhere else. She said her dog was small and she would carry it in her arms all the time.

I agreed to allow her to come, provided she let me know each and every time she was coming and going so I could make sure my dogs were inside the house.

The minute I hit send I had reservations, My spidy senses were telling me there would be problems

Anyway, disaster. She arrived two hours before my posted check-in time. She went out after a couple of house but didn’t let me know she was leaving with the dog, came back that evening and didn’t let me know.

The next morning, I called her over and said she must let me know when she has the dog out of the suite. Ten minutes later she was out in the garden with the dog off lease. My husband spoke to her and told her she must let us know when she has the dog out so we can make sure our dogs are away. We stressed this was for the safety of her dog as our dogs do not like strange dogs

Later that evening, our dog was in the yard and she arrived back and opened her car door and let her dog out. Our dog took off after it running around the garden in the pitch dark. There was bedlam and uproar, she eventually got her dog in and luckily it was uninjured. She had asked to stay another night, offering to pay cash which I had declined. I quickly blocked the extra night and told her she would have to leave the next day which she did.

Over the course of her two day stay, she texted me 51 separate times

When I went into the suite after she left I found she had used the lid of the sugar bowl as a water bowl for the dog, she had used towels to dry the dog, there were muddy paw prints on the duvet, she had left a plastic food container full of water for the dog on the carpet. The pillows were stained purple from the purple dye in her hair and to add insult to injury she stole a pottery candle holder.

I haven’t written a review yet, I need to calm down first.

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Eviscerate her! 51 texts and nothing about her comings and goings! Damaged linens! And absolutely no RESPECT!


That would have been what set me off. I would have cancelled right away. Anyway, leave an honest review (thumbs down, one stars across the board) and put in a request for payment for the damaged items.

Yes, you should have trusted your intuition.

Live and learn


But enough money to afford expensive purple hair dye!