I reworked my listing -- comments and suggestions welcomed

Merry Christmas, everyone. I have been away from the forum for a couple of months – flipping another house, but I’m taking this week off and have been giving my Air place some much needed attention. I have reworded my listing and I would love your feedback (especially from Nancy :slight_smile: ). Thanks in advance for your help!

BTW, I had to add “do not turn off the heat if it is under 60 degrees”, because my last set of guests, from Kuwait, turned off the heat when they left on Sunday. The high that day was 3 degrees. I got there six hours after they checked out to find the kitchen water pipes frozen. Took me about three hours to thaw out the sink and dishwasher. No burst pipes, thank goodness! I gave them a good review, anyway, because they were super nice and left the place spotless. They interpreted my check-out instruction of “please turn off lights and air conditioners before you leave” as “turn off the heat”. Air conditioning – heat: not the same thing :confounded:

Wow lovely place.
Lots of house rules :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing this for two years and, yes, I agree. But I really don’t know what to eliminate!