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I requested over $100, guest sent $50-case closed?!


From the resolution center, there’s no “involve Airbnb” button to click on. Somehow this case is just closed and payout of the $50 sent. Just got a generic email "We’ve issued you a payout . . . " Frankly it seemed almost automated.

I’m going to call Air, but what the heck? Is this the new unfair, non-transparent process for resolution? “Pay what you can”?


Sorry to hear! It happened to me many time in the past where the guest decided on a different amount I was asking and simply sent the payment and that was it.

Why won’t you open a new request and since he will ignore it, the Involve Airbnb buttons will appear. I’d call AB anyways though.


Contact Airbnb directly and explain you want the Resolution Dispute re-opened or initiate another.


I would look at as a plus that you got something.


Thanks to everyone who replied. I’m pretty annoyed that these guests got multiple mysterious greasy stains on the sofa cushion and then thought they could get away with it by flipping the cushion over. Not on my watch! I check after each guests to see if the seat cushions have been flipped.

I just resent my request for the remaining balance and will see if the guests offer to pay. I would have a completely different reaction if guests said they had an accident and let us know proactively. But I do not care for this sneaky behavior and their explanation for how it happened defied logic.

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