I need to vent: Earlier post 5 people 8-9 stayed

I am livid, after I requested $275 for the unapproved guest she is asking for the entire amount she paid!
This is her response:

In the post it stated that we had the entire house plus our guest now your charging me for my guest? We informed you when we arrived we would have guest plus not only were you sharing the house with us you also had guest (2 adults plus 3 kids) to share all the amenities that we rented for the weekend! We didn’t have the entire house as stated we had to share all of the property with you or your guest.

My response:
My listing clearly states that we live downstairs and the entire upstairs is at your disposal. You messaged your concern before you arrived as (my husband noticed that you live downstairs and I replied, yes we do) My listing clearly states that the upstairs is for 5 people with a maximum of 6. And that any people over 5 will incur a $25 per person per day/night charge. At no time should you ever inform a host that you are going to have 4 other people stay there that are not on your reservation. That is against Airbnb policies. Not only did you have them stay against all policies but then you did not leave all the sets of keys. So therefore I will have to get a locksmith to change the locks since your sister and her husband have stayed at MY House unauthorized and live in the area and could possibly enter MY house again without permission. You also left lit candles on the deck with some kind of torch fuel chemicals beside the flames. You and your and your sister’s kids trashed my house. The remote is now missing. I texted you and asked about the remote and the keys and you did not respond. I have pictures all of the damage that incurred and the EXTRA cleaning that had to be and your late check out. I have been lucky to have never have guests like you. Out of 100 guests I have had you and your family have been my worst nightmare. You have no respect for other people’s property. You should be Ashamed of yourself and the example that you set for your children.

Of course she left Me a bad review.

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Sorry for the situation. Did you expect anything else tho, given it and your response before the review window closed?


I doubt AirBnB will refund the guest anything, because they didn’t report anything soon enough. Probably the same for your extra guest fees, though.

She actually left that review before she saw my response to her requesting money from me. It could have been worse, as people don’t like to be shamed!

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Ahhhh. I see more clearly now.

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Probably not but I left her really bad review.


In her review it was short and not sweet. Worst guests that I have ever had. Do Not Recommend.


Looks like your review for her has been removed for some reason, no reviews are showing on her profile.

Hers for you isn’t horrendous though and doesn’t stand out (helps that you have not brought attention to it by responding), it’s already a few down and will soon be off the first page where no-one will probably see it. It’s surrounded by great reviews from other people who clearly understood the rental situation so makes her look like the idiot for making incorrect assumtpions anyway.


i would have responded to the guest review @Kerri regarding a) the sharing of the listing to clarify you live separately and b) that she brought in four additional guests who hadn’t been booked and paid for hence the extra charge.

In many situations it is not worth responding - in this one I would.

For me the guests review comes up second.

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What amenities did the guests have to share with your family?

Her review shows up first for me. But this shows in her profile:

Yet another Airbnb falsehood when they can’t get their coding correct…ugh

My stepson and his wife and their 6 yo, 1 yo and 3 month baby were there on the property for about 2 hours during their 3 day stay just sitting or swimming in the lake!

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Airbnb Repsonse
Airbnb Support

10:04 AM

Dear Kerri,

This is Jesualdo from Airbnb customer experience team, I hope this message finds you well,

After reviewing Brandie’s case, we have determined that their situation does not qualify as a valid claim, and we will not make any adjustments to your original payout.

We have now closed this Resolution Center case.

Thank you for your time,


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Sorry @Kerri

Looked at your listing a few times. Can’t see where it says you live downstairs or what amenities you share with guests. Perhaps I’m having a slow day.

But if I am missing it perhaps thats why guests are too?

I, too, read your entire listing and couldn’t find the “we live upstairs” clearly stated. It does state that the entire upstairs is for the guests’ sole use, but that doesn’t tell me that the owner/landlord lives downstairs.

"3 Decks, 2 docks, kayaks, hot tub. " would leave me thinking that I had access to all that without anyone else on property.

EDIT: FOUND IT - buried under the “About the Host” tab. If it were my listing, I’d put this in the 1st paragraph that guests see.

"Interaction with guests
We live downstairs. And will probably be there during your stay. "


Your guest is clearly foolish for assuming that they could bring extra people with no extra charges, but you really do need to re-work your listing.

While your place is lovely, it’s not an entire house rental, period. Your summary should make it explicit that it’s a unit in a duplex, you live on site, and explain which amenities are private and which are shared.

To be blunt, there is way too much unnecessary verbiage in your listing description in general such that the important information gets lost in among your description of how many birds live on the peninsula, etc.

On the extra guest issue, you should have contacted Airbnb as soon as it was apparent that they had more than 5 people to have their reservation cancelled immediately.


I recommend adding an additional person fee. Make it outlandish like $200 since that’s what CSRs can pay out. Set it for any guest over your maximum, then it will be double less likely for someone to try it. Or not…just a thought.

Thanks @casailinglady I thought it was just me :slight_smile:

@Kerri you can’t expect guests to know you live on the premises and share outdoor space, docks, hot tube, Kayaks by looking at the ‘about the host’ section.

I agree it needs to be up front in the listing.


I consider myself as having a pretty good attention span but I got bored reading all that blurb so started to skim. I imagine guests do too. So I can’t claim to have read every word (probably like the average guest?) but I had the impression from the listing that the guest rents the entire property (‘entire house’ is right there at the top) and that all the features pictured are for the guests’ use. (Yes, I did see eventually that the boat and jetskis were extra).

I do find that the OP’s message to the guest was snotty - I’m surprised that the review wasn’t worse, especially the implication that the guest’s local sister and husband might let themselves into the house. Sorry but if anyone said that about my sister, I would be beyond angry. And now it’s on a public forum too…


I agree with previous comments - you are doing yourself no favors listing it as an entire home. If you insist on doing that, I would state explicitly in the first paragraph of your listing to that you live in the downstairs part of the house.

And, please, consider cutting about 70% of the text in your description – it is not information anyone needs to make the decision to book your place.

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