I need to vent about current guest!

So… I already had a bad feeling from communication prior to arrival. She asked all kinds of questions but never seemed to read any of the replies. I had to send directions three times. And she still went to the wrong house and took 3 hours to get here from the airport when it normally takes half that time.

She talks non-stop. I mean really non-stop. It took me an hour to just do the house tour because I was constantly interrupted by long stories about her childhood and buying gems off the internet and all kinds of other stuff. I’m usually pretty good at cutting people off but she is a challenge and a half.

I have a high tolerance for eccentric people but not for willfully stupid people and I think she falls into the latter category. She has no idea whatsover what is Brexit. I don’t think she even knows what “Europe” means. She thought Scotland uses euros. And apparently Hilary Clinton is a satan worshipper.

She’s here for 10 days. Help.


Since she acts extremely hyper, I would only provide her decaffeinated coffee or tea.

Find one of your local friends, who is equally annoying, and introduce that friend to your new guest; and suggest they socialize together. That will help relieve the pressure off of you.


Here’s my five point plan:

  1. Think of the money.
  2. Think of the money.
  3. Think of the money.
  4. Think of the money.
  5. Think of the money.



Actually that’s a great idea! My neighbour can talk the hind leg off a donkey - I might just introduce them. It would be fascinating to see who could out-talk who.


:rofl: Yes, good sanity plan.

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I would have cancelled right there. I have a low tolerance for stupidity, and since I’m running 2 businesses during summer tour season, I don’t have time to deal with folks like that. Besides, she would drive the occupants of my other 2 rooms crazy.

Good lord, I’m so sorry


Oh Gosh just stay away from her if possible
Good luck and let us know what happens.
We just had a nut case as well. She ended up taking all of the reading material that we have for guests with her!!!


That’s not an option for me. I never cancel anyone.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I will be putting on my dominatrix hat on tomorrow (aka a sweet smile with a whip hidden behind my back). I will also make an effort to find something likeable about her.


Aye, might have known it’d be you that came up with that one.

Mercenary old bag :wink:



If you send me your mailing address and shirt-size, I might be able to send you a “Vote For Hillary Clinton, 2016” T-shirt you can wear in her presence.

Since your guest said, Clinton is a Satan worshipper, that will make her flee.



Send me the link… send me the link… I’m booking you for a week!




Yes kill her with kindness

Remind me not to do house tours.

“Whoops, I’m late… I need to get over to the other property for another check-in.”

Not much you can do for the others. They can head to their locked space.

Thereafter, be scarce if she drives you crazy. She can only control you if you let her.

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***ALWAYS clear this with calling Airbnb. When you cancel, make sure you say that you feel “unsafe” with this guest, otherwise, you will be penalized.

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One thought is to discipline yourself to go shopping or for long walks every day.

Go in your part of the house and keep your head down.

Set rules down in terms of when you are available - and not.

You are allowed to be away for a day or so - text only.

She’s not one of our Cousins, currently stationed in Germany by any chance?? “She” came to visit last summer, with an IB the Friday night beforehand. I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon answering messages about how lost she was in Calais, couldn’t find the Port, didn’t have a ticket, why couldn’t she pay in dollars etc etc ad nauseam. She shut up once on board but then absolute, immediate mayhem once she disembarked at Dover. She had explicit directions to follow, which are not difficult but ended up lost in Dover town centre. Mr J had to go and get her after a phone call from helpful strangers with her location.

Talk on arrival? Non stop complaints about not being able to use dollars or euros, how expensive the ferry was compared to somewhere in her home country etc etc. Fortunately she was a tee totaller, so we escaped to the pub.

Next day: we laid plans for her to follow Mr J back down to the Port, with explicit instructions of which turning to take from the Port roundabout (there’s a bloody huge gantry overhead ffs), that he couldn’t take her in directly. What does she do? Take the first turning, not the second.

I swear she really didn’t know what country she was in. TG, only one night, not ten. I feel for you Magwitch. Good luck with the neighbour!


Yes, she’s one of our dear special cousins but not from Germany. She cornered me again tonight and I couldn’t get away. To be fair, she is kind of sweet… well, if you like that type of personality. I just find it hard to understand how someone can be so utterly unaware of how much time they’re taking with their bland stories :sleeping: She also cornered my son who, to his credit, was incredibly polite but seems to have moved out since!!!

I refuse to engage with guests in the morning so they’re on their own. The funniest thing is that she leaves the most lengthy written messages on the kitchen counter for me. As if ‘well I can’t bore you to death verbally so I’ll make you read all this’.

I re-read some of her previous reviews and many of them say ‘Ann loves to socialise’ or something similar. She complained tonight that the tour guide today had asked her to stop talking!!

There is nothing I can do about this. I just have to live through it. But it’s good to vent. Thanks.


LOL you gotta love this!!
Besides the verbal diarrhea she seems harmless?


Just keep thinking of what a great chapter this will make when you write your ‘Confessions of an Airbnb Host’. :wink: