I may have a new niche

Not only does it keep the cold out, it keeps our cat in. (He longs for the great outdoors, but no.)

We currently call it “the summer porch” since it’s unheated and want to keep people’s expectations low. But I think “the airlock” lacks romance. :wink:

Ahh, our boot room/utility perhaps, just not at the front. We do have
enclosed porches at the front, or “vestibules” to be posh, usually
Edwardian properties. We had one in our last house.

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Let’s see if my linking skills are back in form:


Local realtors call them “Florida rooms” but I think that’s wishful thinking - it’s not bright and airy enough.

My head is beginning to reel… Florida Room = Conservatory in UK speak
It would seem. I’m learning a whole new vocabulary here; should be helpful
with the number of Americans who come to visit/pass through. So thanks!


what I am talking about would never be called a Florida room, which is an enclosed porch at the back of the house, and In Florida would be how you would get to that pool!

I think so? I feel like “Florida room” is not a well known term, even in the US. I think for general USians, “sunroom” is a closer equivalent. (My “Florida room” has normal windows set in a brick wall, my mother in laws’ conservatory has floor to ceiling glass walls.)

But i also suspect my “Florida room” is not typical outside NYC. Which is why I don’t use the term in my listing- I try to use terms that the broadest group of people will understand.

Ok, I’m doing this on my laptop, so hopefully the link works…

(I’m attached to “The Summer Porch”, but I’m getting the impression that changing your title occasionally boosts you in the search engine… so I might just try “The Summer Porch: Nicer than the hostel” :smiley: )

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I want to stay! You are close to Astoria, great Greek food!


Oh! That’s hilarious!

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@Alia_Gee I think what you have posted is perfect! You don’t try to hide what it is - there should be no misinterpreted expectations. Anyone that goes there should expect to have a room with people trudging through it but visually closed off, noisy at times (I love the "we’ll provide earplugs!), early to bed and early to rise.

No wonder you have good reviews with this. Well done!


We are actually in Astoria, but Google Maps is confused and now it’s too hard to change it on Airbnb. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …I know where to get good frappe and which Spanikopita is made by real Greek grandmas. (There’s one place that flies it in from Greece. They’re hardcore.)


I’m booking my flight! The weather in UK is filthy for August…


the weather is nicest in mid October,actually. Have you seen the trees change color? It’s more magnificent in rural areas, but it’s pretty neat in Central Park.

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Our 1915 house, single glazed, gaps around doors may as well be an igloo or a “mud Room” (never heard of that before). Actually an Igloo would be warmer than this house! We were used to it but after a French couple rated us 4 due to being cold we have found it necessary to turn up the kilojoules! Waiting for Energy bill at the moment! Don’t think the porch is an option but we are only about $40 US dollars anyway. Its weird, summer prices go up and we don’t have to heat the place! Anyway I thought the Igloo is a great idea. Pity it never snows here.


We’re coming in the fall! Kataifi For dessert! Greek wine is pretty good too!
And can you promise Smudge will sleep with us? We have 3!

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Smudge is totally a feature. :smiley: He thinks the Green Room is his, that he shares with the occasional guest.

…this is our space for two (with a door!)

I think of it as budget, too, since the closest hotel charges by the hour (ie, that’s where the prostitutes take their johns) and charges twice what we do per night.

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