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I know I will get a call from Airbnb about reaching out!

I had an instant book today for tonight. Place is all ready to go. Sent them all the details. They just rang at 8:30 pm asking if I can cancel the booking as they have had a big day and are still 1 1/2 hours away. I told them they had to cancel as I would be penalised. They asked me how? I told them I don’t know as I have never used airbnb as a guest. Once they realise I have a strict cancellation policy and they won’t get their money back I’m sure I will get one of those airbnb emails “reaching out to me” to refund their money. Guess what I have learned from this forum? The answer will be “No!”.

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Absolutely - your cancellation policy is clear and the guests agreed to it.

You are a business and have to behave like one, big corporations don’t give refunds just to be nice - which is what airbnb are asking you to do.

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Well I just received that phone call. I called them earlier to find out why I had not received payment after no follow up email. So they rang to say the guest would like a refund and would I allow it? I said “No.” She then said “so you are happy to refund her.” “No I will not be refunding her.” Strange how the story she told me on the phone is different to what she told airbnb. I wonder how long it will be before I receive the payment?

You’ll get it tomorrow.

Thanks Felixcat

It usually comes the next day but the booking was on March 1st and I heard nothing until today about the guest wanting a refund.

Chances are good the guest called and lied, saying that you had already agreed to a refund so they held the funds.

Money has been transferred to paypal. Yay!

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