I just tried to edit my listing and couldn't

I had typed in the following paragraph and changed the title of my listing but it wouldn’t save:

Please don’t vacation at this time of crisis. I am open to military, health care or other essential worker or emergency travel. Please don’t stay with me if you are engaging in discretionary travel at this time. Also please don’t be offended if I ask the purpose of your trip. Please choose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem at this time. It’s temporary and we all hope to be back to more normal times sooner rather than later.

I went to the app and I couldn’t get it there either. I’ll try again later. Just add this to the list of woes for those in a position to do some hosting.

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Just tested it on my laptop and it worked. Try clearing your cache, logging out, and logging back in.

Good luck. Great post.

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Ugh, I just did that last week.

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I really like this language, thanks for sharing.
In addition to my COVID cleaning, etc. update on my listing I will probably add something like this.
I’ve had to turn down some stays that just didn’t add up, and the ones I have accepted I’ve had to apologize for sounding like a stern mom.
If you’re a stranded student or health worker, or need to quarantine, please come stay!!! But I’ve gotten some real head-scratchers of requests…we need the guests but we certainly don’t need the problems.

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I was finally able to edit on the app. But I have no bookings, I haven’t lowered my price, I probably won’t get any bookings, that’s fine. I turned off instant book so I can screen guests.

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I turned off IB a few days ago as well. Not that it matters right now as they have issued a ban on STRs on my little island. However, be prepared to be notified by Air, on a daily basis, that you will get more bookings with IB. They even have a little survey they will send you so you can evaluate the importance of IB.

Annoying. Even turning it off is annoying since you have to go through multiple steps.

Really like your wording. Thank you for sharing it here. We are currently under a statewide shelter at home order for 2 weeks. I had already closed for the next 3 weeks with the exception of a health care worker who is with us now. She leaves on Thursday and will probably not be back - a new friend has offered her free lodging. I’m going to monitor the situation over the next couple of weeks and consider limited opening after that using a version of your text.

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A lot of folks looking to help are offering free rides, free delivery, free places to stay. That equals more economic displacement. I’m not saying it’s wrong, or they shouldn’t… just that it is what it is. Just as last weeks guest paid less than $20 a day I’d probably extend a deep discount to anyone (essential travel only) but I’m not going to advertise it on my listing.

I also turned off IB for awhile and got annoyed with all of the messages.

Here’s what I did as a work-around:

  1. I turned IB back on and left it on.
  2. Then in my Availability settings I set a 2 day MAX stay and ticked the box “manually review requests over 2 days”.
  3. Then on my calendar I did a Rule Set for 6 days MIN (any min over your max will work).

It is working like a charm. IB is on so I am not getting pesky messages but, effectively, everyone is having to inquire or request and are not able to IB because of the settings.

On a side note, I left my cancellation policy as “moderate” instead of changing it to “flexible” and am getting 99% inquiries instead of requests (I believe because of this) and so am not having to accept or decline, just communicate.

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Brilliant! I’ll do that then.

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I guess I probably won’t show up in any searches for a one night stay?

That’s a good question. There’s nothing less than 1. I’m not sure. I guess not. I didn’t really want a short minimum so it worked in my scenario.

I’m thinking on it but can’t figure that out. You might have to just turn off IB then. If you figure out an option and want me to go look at your area to see if you show up, I 'm happy to though.

Maybe…what if you set your min in availability to 2 or 3 or something like that and then did a rule set for a 1 night minimum? It seems backwards but it’s possible that the conflict there between the two settings might have the same effect. You’d have to try it out to see. Let me know if you want me to test it.

Meh, I’m not super interested right now. I want to be availble for the right kind of need but then again it’s a lot of work for $40 a night, plus the added risk.

But thanks and I’ll let you know if I want to work harder on it later. :wink:

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