I just got Verified!

I have a a Duplex that was built in 1875. I have 3 listings - each side and the whole.
I just went through the process vis Zoom. It was very simple and I literally had to show every amenity I offer. Three listings done and two to go!
They also asked for feedback about Airbnb and I complained about the non / slow answering of phonecalls, the no call backs and the horrible review system that allows guests to lie. Particularly when a guest brings extras or when guests don’t read and complain about things that are clearly mentioned, often multiple times.
They said they would have a supervisor ring me regarding my concerns… :crazy_face: :rofl: :joy:


Thanks for letting us know.

What does it mean for a host to be verified @Debthecat Do you get a special icon?

I know mine says verified host on my profile but that’s because I uploaded photo ID.

It’s the actual listing that is now verified to ensure you are providing the amenities you say you do, in the listing.

More info here:


Thanks for the chuckle! Good on you for providing the feedback.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that call.

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I have been asked by Airbnb to verify our listing by zoom. We have an appointment for this next Monday :confounded: I hope it goes well. Any suggestions or tips from hosts who have been through this process would be greatly appreciated.

It didn’t matter that I was in he middle of a turnover and the place was a mess- they asked and I showed… took 20 minutes And was easy

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