I just got a booking!

Shut down by a government decree until at least till 11th April, in a CV19 hotspot, but Miguel from Jaen has the faith. Thank you Miguel

It’s a one nighter in mid July, at a good rate. Understandably, he chose the refundable option.

But I don’t care, after seeing our season up to June destroyed by cancellations, I’m off to do my happy dance :man_dancing:



Brilliant good news!

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I got a four-night booking last night for people coming to Boston for a Red Sox-Yankees game. Pretty optimistic since Major League Baseball hasn’t committed to when they’ll restart the season or what it will look like! But I think people have to mentally anticipate a relatively normal summer or they’re gonna freak out :slight_smile:

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This is an excellent point. I don’t think there will be baseball this summer, or if so, some sort of very short 4 month season. But people need to have hope. Basically people are gambling and we know how exhilarating gambling can be. And the folks who gamble and win will be rubbing it our faces and I’ll be happy to let them.