I Got A Payout... Yipee

Airbnb really stuck it to hosts with Flexible or Moderate cancellation policies. I guess I got lucky. Had the guest cancelled 12 hours earlier, I would have gotten zero.


I have been notified that my monthly payout for a March cancellation will be $66.60 for a $535 booking.

And my $1200 “stimulus” check was direct deposited this morning.

Now if I could only find some organic whole wheat flour for making bread…

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I got some payment for reservations cancelled up to 8 April. Since my policy is strict but all were cancelled more than 7 days before the checkin date, I am receiving 25% of what I would have received had people cancelled normally which would be 50%. Then I had one which is not eligble since they booked after 14 March and then found they could not enter the country. So I gave them a full refund under a different criterion.

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Glad to hear you got some stimulus cash.

If you’re looking for flour, check your local bakeries and restaurants. Some places around me have been selling bags of flour.

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Yes, here too! I found out by asking my neighbors on NextDoor @NordlingHouse, when someone else specifically posted looking for flour.

There’s drama and bickering like there is on any forum :wink:, but it has been useful during the pandemic. Maybe ask your neighbors on there.

Got loads here, I’ll pop out tomorrow, get you a few kilos and email it to you.

Now, yeast, that’s another story. Fortunately I’m well stocked and have a starter on the go.


i got $39. After about $4,000 in lost earnings. :persevere:

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