I dropped my business travel listing;heres why

I had the little blue suitcase on my listing for a year. I just dumped it. I only got 2 business bookings in a year;not enough! But I also think I actually lost business as you are not allowed to host smokers. I allow smokers(outside) so I didnt want the no smoking put into the filter on the business travel.Also, you cant host people w pets. Honestly, I would like the option to decide if I want to host someone w a pet. The few times I did ,the people w pets were the cleanest people! I had one couple that even made their dog wear shoes outside to keep his paws clean!I still get plenty of business travel but not through the business travel ready program w airbnb…


I dumped mine too. I was forced to allow 24 hour check in and that is a no go. The only times I’ve hosted business travelers was when we had a dengue outbreak and people from the trap companies were here doing outreach. I hosted them three times so I actually just booked them direct after the first time.

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maybe if you are located downtown you might get more business but I think I lost more business by having to turn down smokers and pets.

I allow pets and I still have that business-friendly designation.

I was told by airbnb that you cannot qualify for business travel if you allow pets.

@diamond54 I don’t expressly add that designation to my listing. Airbnb adds it based on specific criteria. Wifi? Check. Desk? Check. Flexible check-in? Check. It just showed up one day.

It looks like you cannot quality for business travel if one of your pets will be on the premises (as opposed to guests’ pets).


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Ah! Thank you, Ellen! I am with the OP on this, though. As a Catskills holiday rental I am not sure the Business-Ready designation is meaningful or helpful, but I also don’t think it is very important to guests who aren’t on business.

As far as I can tell, the advantage to business travelers is that business travel can be booked by a third party. Other than that, they can filter for all the other amenities if they need them. I’m not eligible for business travel as I live here and so do my dogs. I still get guests who are here on business.

i started to ban all smokers strictly, even my rules say you should book somewhere else if you smoke and pets for the smell and there dirty, and im fuly booked every month

I allow smokers, I get a lot of smokers however I make it clear smoking is only allowed outside on the patio. No one has ever attempted to smoke inside.