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I did it - I DIDN"T answer the questions

I am editing out my original post because it was negative and whining, and a bit boastful. I would rather encourage everyone to not grow weary from the annoyances of hosting, but to celebrate the joys.

I’ve actually written back to the guest, apologized for being short, and answered all her questions in detail.

Have a good day, everybody - let’s remain positive and hospitable!!!


I had the same sort of thing yesterday…I have info about parking very close to the top of my description and this person asked me about it and said there was nothing he could see about parking…then, the emails…are you close to this? What about that? What’s your neighbourhood like? I told him to google it and make a decision based on what he found. The last time I recommended the neighbourhood, a guest made a mention of how she didn’t like it in her public review, so I’m not taking any chances here.

All this back and forth – with him mentioning how he really wanted to book in a more expensive area --and then no booking, although my guess is that he was waiting to do it today, if his wish list is anything to go by. The only problem is that booking a two bedroom in that pricier neighbourhood is very expensive…the only comparable spaces (in terms of price) tend to be small, but open concept lofts…this for a family of five.

I finally booked off one day of his 2 day booking (2 days!) and so it became impossible. I am going to open the day back up in a couple of hours.

I hate tire-kickers.

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Well responded dcmooney!

It always amazes me how people do not read or even attempt to read the information available to them!

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Thanks, Reeny - I know that some will read my op and want to shame me for it - well, so be it. I’ve traveled a bit around the world and would never expect the hotel or host tell me all the information I could look up for myself on the internet. It’s amazing to me how many people show up from Europe or Asia and have absolutely no idea, while sitting at breakfast, where they are going to go and how they are going to get there. I wised up quick and got one of the brochures from a tour bus company that has the best map. I whip it open and give them a few minutes of advice. I love touring Washington DC so I don’t mind talking with them about it - and it’s part of the personal touch of sharing our home.

"Oh give me a booking
that’s used instantbook
that’s adult, and can flush a potty
that removes her make-up
and can keep her mouth shut
at midnight when all are asleep…

OH, Airb-n-bbbbbbb
how your guest do crack-up me
though most are such gems
and remain such great friends
a few act disastrously…

(To the tune of “Home on the Range” Everyone! Feel free to add a verse!!)

“Crack-Up” in American means to make one laugh out loud.

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Yes, Simply, and she mentioned many times that she’s a doctor - how did she pass her exams? She’s a dermatologist…

Hahaha a perfect example of the gap between being intelligent and having common sense. Oh well, guests will be guests…

Just youtubed home on the range and re-read it! Great!

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I feel dumb right now but I am confused about the accommodation. I reread it several times and I still could not get exactly what exactly this apartment is about.
So, I understood that it is 2 bedroom apartment with 1.5 bath and kitchen, right?
But then you write: #1 bedroom: 3 people, #2 bedroom for larger groups.
What does it mean? That you can host 2 different groups of people? What does “larger groups” mean, how many people can fit into second bedroom?
And if you do rent those rooms separately, they will share bathroom?
Honestly i would have questions also if I read the description.

Hah! Not to stereotype, but my three most cluelessly demanding would be guests so far have been professors. After learning from the first, I declined the second two. Not due to their careers but the unreasonable things they asked of me. (I’m a professor too but don’t look like one, so I am like, “this shtick isn’t going to work on me!”)

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My feeling too. Guess I’m having a dumb morning myself. I’d assume that the apartment was only for one group of people, but it’s not clear how many will fit (especially in the 2nd bedroom). And what’s 1.5 bath? Two toilets, one shower? Why not just say so instead of using real-estate speak?

After the second email where they are just asking random, redundant, ask-and-answered questions and do not commit to a booking I don’t reply and usually take them off pre-approved.
Its a good way to weed out overly needy guests and attract low matience-seasoned travellers.

Do we get dinged for not responding?

No, as long as you answer the first inquiry your fine.
Otherwise, the process would be endless!

Ha ha I tried to make it simpler, and add more information about proximity to DC, so rewrote the description after my original post this morning; apparently I made it more confusing. I’ve put it back my previous wording. Please let me know if you still find it confusing or if you have any suggestions.

It’s difficult because Air does not have a category for something that is ‘shared’ and yet has more than one bedroom. Listing it as private is wrong, so I have to list it as shared, but then the bedroom count has to be 1 bedroom when there is actually two However, the group gets only 1 bedroom is there are 3 or fewer guests, and they pay 1 price. I charge extra for guests 4 & 5 because then the groups is getting two bedrooms, and there’s the extra cleaning/laundry. Of course I’m limited in how many letters I can use so it’s tricky.

OK I have put it back to the way it was - let me know if you can suggest an improvement. Thanks!

btw, how do you see my listing?

MO - in my part of the country ‘1.5’ bath means 1 full bath and one ‘powder room’ - or, toilet and sink. That is the real-estate speak here. What would the real-estate speak be in your area?

There are different types of intelligence; I could never be a professor but I do know how to read a map. ; )

I would specify that second bedroom is good for 2 people, not just “larger group”.
and how do you go in search engine, to how many people you are limited to? Also, why is it shared? If its a separate appartment? Do you rent it to 2 separate families at the same time?

Thanks for your help, Yana!

It is a max of 5 people. It is shared because they do not have a separate entrance - they come through my front door, then go downstairs. We have an office down there also, and as of now, we share the full-size refrigerator with the guests. I do say, in the details, that it’s just one group at a time.

I’ve just changed it to “BR#2 has Queen Futon for 2 additional guests.” How’s that?

I can only mark it ‘private’ if there is a door between our living spaces and they have their own entrance. I may do that one day but first have to get this new bathroom and other updates finished and paid for. ; )

What would I do without my honest, forthright, host friends?! If it wasn’t for you the changes I made to my listing this morning would still be confusing people, and some people would think that my toilet is available for exotic trysts, or requires a ‘3P’ payment!!! (from another post)

That would work for me:).
i do answer millions of questions. My one week guest that is coming tomorrow asked me at least 20 questions though everything is described so detailed. He comes for work, and works as a pocker manager in Hard Rock casino 2 miles from our house. Though I listed the distance, he asked again, as he is not going to have a car and will take UBER. I even specified that it’s 6$ Uber to get there in my listing description.
He asked about private bathroom, iron, AC, laundry. EVERYTHING he asked about is listed and described.
He apologized for every question, and mentioned how important all of these for him as he absolutely must iron his clothes every day, and have access to laundry.

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Thanks again for your help! I’m more satisfied with the verbage than I have ever been. And trust me, I’ve tried many ways to describe the space.

Your guest sounds Interesting. I would love to know how he works out as a guest - though I always say it’s impossible to predict who will fit well into a sharing arrangement.

I need to remember that most inquiries come from people who’ve never used Airbnb before and really don’t understand the concept and how it will work. I think I will write that guest back and apologize. ; )

I think I’m just tired. I thought one of my jobs was going to be finished up January 1 and I put a lot of time this fall into researching how my boss could outsource me, then the agency we were going to hire let us down at the last minute. Very disappointing after investing all that time and anticipating some breathing room. I worked until 2:30 a.m.,this morning, and then was up at 6 to respond to this booking. It just hit me wrong.

OK speaking of which, back to work!!

Thanks everyone!

You are right, he is a new, father of 3, family man.
I am working with some progress on being patient with people. I am thinking , first I will be patient then I can always right them off, not the other way around. Because we never know …

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