I can see that reviews were posted but not shown to me yet

Hey all. Just posted a review for the guest who departed today. In the app I clicked on Progress and saw 17 reviews. When I clicked in further it says 19. So I know one was from the guy who left today… and the other

must be from the guest who left early/ cancelled last week because of various bs complaints. I think it is interesting that I can see the difference in review #s. Has anyone else noticed this before? Nervous about that cancellation lady. Waiting til last minute to review her so I can get more good ones in and bury hers. The 2 right after her had mothing but glowing things to say so Im hoping she doesnt ding my stars too badly!

There is a problem with mine showing different numbers of reviews in different places. I opened a ticket with support.

I’ve had that for years but it always works itself out and I’ve never found it to be anything to worry about. What are the different places and how far off are the numbers?

They’ll wait a couple of days when it resolves itself automatically and then write you and say they fixed it. LOL.

It is off by one. Unfortunately it is double counting my last review which was 4 star :roll_eyes: bc the guest said my cleaning fee was too high (its contracted out) and we should have provided more free stuff…all things that were known before they booked fyi

Weird and annoying. So it’s giving you one more than you should have. Hmmm, the conundrum between more reviews but lower average.